Harriet Tubman on the 20 Bill is a major 2016 change

It was announced that Harriet Tubman will end up on the $20 bill. She began focusing on the Underground Railroad in 1853 and saved many lives and due to that she rightfully earned the spot.

Today, the Treasury Department is likely to declare that Harriet Tubman can replace Andrew Jackson on the U.S. $20 bill, making Tubman the first African American women to be featured on U.S. currency.

Specifically 163 years after beginning her focus on the Underground Railroad (which helped Tubman to direct countless slaves to independence), Ms. Harriet Tubman continued to make history.

The redesign will affect the fronts and backs of each denomination. “We want people to pay attention to the whole bill,” he said. Among the changes announced:

► President Lincoln will remain on the front of the $5 bill, but the image of the Lincoln Memorial on the back will be redesigned to depict historic events that happened there: Opera singer Marian Anderson’s 1939 concert and Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech.

► The back of the $10 bill will tell the story of the women’s suffrage movement, which culminated in the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote in 1920. Among the women to be honored on the back of that bill: Lucretia Mott, Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Alice Paul.

► To make room for Tubman on the front of the $20 bill, Jackson will be moved to the back where he’ll be incorporated into the existing image of the White House. Lew said that image could depict the statue of Jackson riding horseback in Lafayette Square across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House.

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