Capturing the City with Chris Rocco

Chris Rocco is a freelance photographer, born in New Jersey and now based in Boston, MA. He attends school at Suffolk University where he is pursuing a BSBA in Marketing. Purchased his first DSLR camera in January of 2015 and began shooting photographs in a variety of themes using the streets of Boston as his backdrop. Chris’s grandfather, Clifford Wolf was a national recognized, award winning photographer and unfortunately passed away while he was a child. As a result, Chris views photography as a way of building a relationship with his grandfather, without having had the opportunity to build a relationship with him personally and professionally.

Photography is Chris’s passion. He uses the camera as his “lens-of-world,” exploring the scenes and situations he encounters, capturing moments of meaning and madness that last only fractions of a second. His perspectives of the world influence his photographic style. Special interest are street photography, urban landscape, and lifestyle photography. Chris uses his unique perspective on the world to create photographic brand content in the freelance world. In 2016, he launched Chris Rocco Photography.

How did you get started with photography?

I got my first camera January of 2015 and it started with my roommate having a camera and I used to just play around with it, I thought it was pretty cool to see what different things you can do with a picture. After that I went out and got myself a camera with the money I had received from Christmas. From there I started to learn how to use it in manual mode by adjusting the shutter speed. Often times most people use automatic mode to take a picture and I learned that using manual mode you can control how the picture comes out and add more depth to it. Once I got more knowledgable of the setting with my camera I would go out and shoot long exposures. It allowed me to have my own creativity and l became more addicted with photography. I really started to get more into it summer of 2015, I would just go out and shoot everyday. Instagram has played a huge role, because it allowed me to discover artist that I found interesting and it inspired me.


Is this more of passion or hobby?

Well it was a hobby that turned into a passion and now turning into a potential career option. Currently I am just freelancing and doing a couple of gigs, but it’s nothing that I can do full time yet, it’s definitely a goal of mine and see what happens in 2016.

What type of camera and gears do you use?

The setup that I shoot with is Nikon D800 with Rokinon 14mm f/2.8, Nikon 24mm f/1.8, and Nikon 50mm f/1.8 lenses. The 24mm is my go to lens but recently I have been using the 14mm lens more. I rarely use the 50mm lens now, however it was my first lens and is still very handy to have, especially for portraiture.


Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I’m going to have graduated school be then and have a degree in marketing. I would definitely like to continue with photography and if not, something with visual arts. I like how it can be apply to marketing and even photography can be incorporated with branding.

You have a picture on Instagram in which you are sitting on top of a building with your feet just hanging over, what is the feeling like?


It’s a crazy feeling and it’s something I wouldn’t do in the beginning when I first starting going on roofs. After a while I started to get comfortable up there and I know it’s a common picture that others have done, I guess it has become more of a trend. I had an interest to do it as well, I wouldn’t recommend doing it if you don’t feel confident enough and if you do, always take precaution. The feeling is just indescribable knowing that you are sitting on a 50 story building above the city. It is something I try to capture so, that people can sort of get that rush of adrenaline and nervousness.

What would you like people to know about your pictures? 

I am just trying to create photographs that people can understand and feel them. I want people to see how I see the city, on my Instagram it says capturing the city and that is what I am trying to do. Anywhere I go, I want people to see my perspective and hopefully they can relate to it.






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