4×4 By #RDBLA

4×4 By #RDBLA

#RDBLA #4×4

cesar mendoza - a couple of years ago

That lambo🐹 tho

Saed Tourè - a couple of years ago

Poor SV😢

Ronit Setia - a couple of years ago

That exhaust is amazing

Guss6 - a couple of years ago

Legend has it that Vik once taught a German Shepherd how to bark in Spanish, and that he also won a fist fight only using his beard. I have also heard that Vik got pulled over for speeding and he gave the cop a ticket.

Nik Page - a couple of years ago

Monster 4×4 but I wanna see longer videos

Trey Hornick - a couple of years ago

That SV makes me cry

Ivan Darkholme - last year

fuck me in the ass

Blame - last year

let it go, the yelp reviews will be removed.

Mikey G - last year

Looks ugly as shit

Alex Firehawk - last year

Vik will you be my daddy

Osvaldo Ah - last year

I want one ! Maybe turn my G wagon with big off-road wheels, carbon fiber wide fender flares,and lift it. It'll be a smaller 4×4 lol

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