6×6 At #RDBLA

6×6 At #RDBLA

#RDBLA #6×6 More Videos Coming Soon!

Brandon Lupo - last year

Too sick!

DisplayName - last year

Ale's 4×4 is looking good

cesar mendoza - last year


Jesus Vasquez - last year

Is that your new ride for goldrush

CabalSHO - last year

You should do more in depth videos it would be realy good content!

BR Trigger - last year

Gotta start somewhere

Willy Hannen - last year

How long can I finance this for? 70k months?

A Macca - last year

Need windows tinting ? 70k?

kvrolrocky - last year

You should start to vlog daily, im really interested what does the typical day in rdb look like 🙂

Nik Page - last year

What a monster.. Someone forgot to edit this video 🙂

Get Em J - last year

You can see an salomondrin car in every video

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