Acura NSX GT3 Is A Beauty!!

Are you a race-car fan? Acura NSX GT3 race-car was revealed at New York International auto show on Wednesday, 23 March. This was a surprise to many race-car fans for the following reasons.


1. It is a hybrid model produced with front wheels being driven by electrified motors and a combustion engine placed in the back.

2. Its GT3 mo-nicker refers to a feature of racing .

3. Acura NSX GT3 features a rear combustion engine and rear wheel drive.

4. They got a rear wheel drive race car of standard. However, they expected an all-wheel-drive hybrid.
5. It has woven design, functional beauty,hub of craftsmanship,hand-assembled engine, multi-material body, cool aerodynamics, power-train system and you experience the sport hybrid effect.
6. Acura reports by Jalopnik wished to produce an AWD GT3 hybrid though it’s rejected by FIA since it was a major concern for keeping costs down.


Are you searching for a high-down force or low weight of regular NSX? Acura NSX will race against other GT3-level race cars in America next year. That means there will be neither AWD nor fancy hybrid tech. It is the best American brand of car recently, therefore they had to follow the FIA. The Acura NSX is  the perfect balance of power and handling, form and function, sport and luxury.The same innovations that went into the NSX are found across the Acura lineup.

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