Barrett-Jackson Acura Integra Type R Auction

Barrett-Jackson Acura Integra Type R Auction

Japanese motor enthusiasts have just witnessed new heights at Barrett-Jackson‘s most recent auction. While it is no surprise that German and Italian classic automobiles/exotics have been on the rise, no one would have ever expected the Acura (It’s Honda-badged for those outside of North America) Integra DC2 to fetch close to $65,000 USD. Unlike the skyrocketing prices of classic JDM models, largely due to strict import laws, this 1997 Integra Type R is ready to drive. What makes this car so rare is that only 320 units from 1997 were ever shipped for the U.S. market. Powered by Honda’s famous B18C engine, the Integra Type R set the benchmark for naturally aspirated engines — churning out 108 horse power per-liter. With only 1,200-miles on the dash, this completely-stock Championship White DC2 is the embodiment of Honda’s early-day racing spirt, shared with other iconic chassis like the EK9 and AP1. In other automotive news, check out Miles Davis’ 1980 Ferrari 308 GTSi coupe. The newest collectible? This 1997 @Acura Integra Type R just sold for $63,800 – a new world record! pic.twitter.com/YwVdIuL7jR — Barrett-Jackson (@Barrett_Jackson) 28 September 2018

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