Comparison Test: 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe vs. 2019 Honda Passport

In terms of practicality, there is no denying the Passport’s edge, and a big part of why it seems to drive bigger is because it is bigger. It’s bigger in every exterior dimension, about 7 centimetres longer, 5 cm more wheelbase, and over 12 cm wider, resulting in 1,430 litres of cargo space even with all five seats available, compared to 1,016 L for the Santa Fe. With the rear seats stowed (both split 60/40 for flexibility) the Pilot’s 2,852 L again dwarfs the Santa Fe’s 2,019. Despite the superior cargo capacity, passengers are not overlooked, and both feature roomy back seats with substantial head and legroom, but the Passport’s width gives it a clear edge in that category, meaning it is a great option for parents who need to fit three child seats in the second row. Read More

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