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“When I started sketching the Zonda, I imagined a woman laying on the beach…”
HB: Let’s talk a little about the look of the car, and how easily you can pick a Pagani out from a crowd. When you were first starting off in designing the Zonda, how did you approach it? Were you thinking more about the rear, leading to the iconic Quattro exhaust, or did it start up front?
Pagani: The first car was not worked on from front-to-back, or even back-to-front. It was from top-down. When I started sketching the Zonda, I imagined a woman laying in a specific position on the beach. This is what gave the car its unique shape.
HB: So then where did the exhaust come from? It feels so much like a focal point of every Pagani
Pagani: The exhaust came about when I was at my studio listening to music. I would look at my speakers and try to visualize the sound shooting out. I then thought of it like this quadruple-barrel machine gun, blasting these rich notes forward. It then clicked… Why not have four pipes projecting the exhaust notes like music? For some, listening to the roar evokes emotions just like music would.
HB: I cannot agree with you more. Ok, so for this part, I wish to just bring up a few more key design elements often associated with your fine machines. Keeping it succinct, can you try your best at explaining what they mean to you and the cars?
Pagani: Ah, ok. Ha-ha, I don’t really do this often, but will try my best.
HB: The first one is “carbon fiber.”
Pagani: Carbon fiber is a way to express the shape of our design so that we can create beautiful and rich lines for each product.
HB: What about “titanium?”
Pagani: Titanium is normally a raw material that is used for engineering purposes. Pagani takes this cold and technical material and turns it into a sculpture. There is something exotic about the combination of both carbon and titanium.“In the beginning, aerodynamics created some ugly shapes and inefficient streamlines.”
HB: “Aerodynamics.”
Pagani: Aerodynamics is a concept that has evolved in recent years. In the beginning, aerodynamics created some ugly shapes and inefficient streamlines. Today, technology has enabled us to reach a new level of performance in airflow and design. I consider aerodynamics as just another tool like carbon fiber or titanium. All of these, when used together, can help make the car perform well and look amazing.
HB: What about the difference, to you, between the “exterior” and “interior?”
Pagani: The exterior of the car is experienced and enjoyed for those outside of the car. The interior is for yourself, the driver, the owner. You have to feel at home. The interior has to look nice and feel comfortable. Touch, smell, how you enjoy sitting in the car. These are all factors that you need for the interior. It has to stimulate your senses. You talk to the car, and the car talks back.
HB: It seems music is very important to you and plays a big part in your life when it comes to designing a Pagani. Even walking to this room, I noticed you paused for a few minutes to observe the string quartet that was playing in the lobby. What is music to you?
Pagani: Music is very important to me for getting into my workflow. I listen to music every day. Different genres and songs serve different purposes to put me in different creative states, but ultimately they all help in getting my creative juices flowing. For others, listening to a love song may bring up up past feelings of a lover, but for me, it is strictly for getting into my “creative mode.”

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