Jaguar E-Type Zero Electric Car Details

Jaguar E-Type Zero Electric Car Details

After debuting the E-Type Zero last year, Jaguar has now announced that the iconic E-Type car’s all-electric rework is set to get a full release. The new model looks exactly like the 1960s sports car, with the only notable change being its engine and transmission which have been replaced with a battery pack and electric motor. The new engine and transmission have been using components from Jaguar’s I-Pace vehicle. As well as the new electric functions, the Zero also comes with a number of other modern-day touches including touchscreen navigation and LED headlights, although customers can choose to have the original 1960s instruments if they want. Along with releasing the new Zero, Jaguar will also convert existing six-cylinder E-types into electric vehicles. While now official release date has been confirmed, customers can register their interest with Jaguar. In other automotive news, a one-of-one 1966 Ferarri Dino prototype is hitting auction.

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