Kalashnikov Electric Supercar CV-1 Prototype

Kalashnikov Electric Supercar CV-1 Prototype

As the automotive world continues to chase after Tesla and its electric vehicle designs, more and more companies are looking towards developing their own sustainability-focused vehicles. At a defense expo outside of Moscow, established Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov unexpectedly unveiled its electric supercar concept, the CV-1. Undeniably retro-inspired, the prototype vehicle is actually based on ’70s Soviet car brand IZh’s 2125 Kombi. Unveiled in a vintage pale blue color, the CV-1 is said to feature a “revolutionary” inverter that allows the car to travel at a staggering 217 miles on a single charge. If the cutting-edge inverter can pull off the incredible feat, Kalashnikov is poised to become a major player in the electric vehicle market. No other specifications or pricing details just yet, but stay tuned for more information on the Kalashnikov CV-1 electric supercar concept. For more automotive news, Audi’s PB18 E-Tron electric supercar features a center-positioned seat.

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