Lisa Taylor’s Rainbow Colored Porsche Collection

Lisa Taylor's Rainbow Colored Porsche Collection

Owning a collection of sports cars is one thing, while owning a rainbow assortment of them is another. Enter Lisa Taylor, VP of an aerospace company who has now showcased her exquisite collection of Porsches to Car Throttle. Lisa’s collection encompasses Porsches from all eras, from the earlier air-cooled 964s and 993s to the current 991 era of water-cooled engines. Not settling for being a “black, white, silver-colored car type person,” her lot of sports cars are found in mint green, bright orange, vibrant blue and so on to stray away from the “standard” factory shades. Her most controversial car, she claims, is the Ruby Star GT3RS — a tint similar to magenta purple — that was so well-done, it was featured as the lead car for 2017’s Festival of Speed. Naturally, her collection couldn’t be contained to just Porsches, so her garage also houses NSXs, McLarens, and Ferraris. View her collection above and learn more about the “Project Gold” Porsche 911 Turbo.

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