Porsche Restores 1998 911 Turbo 993 Car for Sale

Porsche Restores 1998 911 Turbo 993 Car for Sale

Porsche‘s secretive Project Gold initiative has finally revealed the fruits of its labors. A 1998 Porsche 911 Turbo was the vehicle receiving an upgrade, with Porsche’s restoration experts bringing the twenty-year old car up to Turbo S specification. It now sports a 450-horsepower flat-six engine, with 6-speed manual transmission, all-wheel-drive capabilities and a bespoke badge denoting its custom status. The elevated specs are accompanied by an opulent paintjob, executed in a unique shade known as “Golden Yellow Metallic.” Inside the 911 Turbo, muted black leather and carbon fiber create an aesthetic of quiet opulence, with a Porsche Classic stereo head unit underlining the throwback motif. The bespoke ride will be up for auction on October 27 as part of Sotheby’s “70th Anniversary of Porsche” event. Buyer beware: despite its multitude of upgrades, the car isn’t street legal. Elsewhere, Paul Stephens highlighted an extremely rare Le Mans Classic Clubsport iteration of Porsche’s iconic 911.

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