Pretty accurate snow-Mustang seemingly befuddles Nebraska cops

A Nebraska family decided to use what was left of the snow in their neighbours’ driveways to build a to-scale replica 1967 Ford Mustang GTA hardtop, one convincing enough that it seemingly confused a state highway patrol officer.

Nebraska State Patrol Sgt. Mick Downing may have written the #SnowPony, as it’s been nicknamed, a phony parking ticket.

But it was all in good fun—he’s actually a friend of the Blundell family, whose two teenagers built the snow-car with dad Jason.

The Chadron, Nebraska-based Blundells have a real ’67 Mustang GTA in the garage, which made it easy to pull measurements and craft a pretty accurate copy out on the curb.

The car took about five hours to build, reports, and is just the latest in a line of snow sculptures the family’s put together. Past efforts included a seven-foot Easter bunny; and a giant snow-toilet.

The #SnowPony’s since gone viral, making headlines across the world—thanks especially to the video Sgt. Downing of his coming upon the car for the first time.

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