We change up a white Bentley Flying Spur to a really awesome satin metallic charcoal!

Fluffy stops by for some work and lays on the jokes!

Moses has alot of thoughts!

Jo Louie - a few months ago

I invested in my homie's car wrapping business. At first i'm like YOOOO I WANNA WRAP SOME CARS!!! My whole body hurt after 1 wrap. Computers for me.

Jo Louie - a few months ago

Welp, the Bentley is drivable now. Good choice.

Jo Louie - a few months ago

DAMNIT THAT'S IT ?!?! I should have prepared myself for it only being 10 minutes.

Supercar Slayer - a few months ago

Stop teasing us with the M3!!. .. just get working on it already B!

Nar // - a few months ago

vik deadass how much for the e46 as is?cash

Mr Man - a few months ago

Did y’all sleep well ?

Davie R Viruet Top Enterprise inc. - a few months ago


n n - a few months ago

Haha was ein Klischee ein Franzose der kein Englisch kann 😂

Nightrain Nightrain - a few months ago

Ruined that white Rolls wrap with that graffiti

Le Chiffre - a few months ago

Why would you not take the naim audio System on a Bentley… imo one of the best/ Most Important options

Le Chiffre - a few months ago

Why would you not take the naim audio System on a Bentley… imo one of the best/ Most Important options

Daygo G - a few months ago

Vic you should get Moses a hair transplant, Tyga already gave everyone the plug.

KeepItCrump - a few months ago

Wow you’re right Vic that looks so much better ‼️

Fetus Christ - a few months ago

Bentley > Rolls Royce

alxM3 - a few months ago

Hey Vik, my M3 vs. yours….what’s good??lol

Kylie Kancelled - a few months ago

The guy with the Starbucks had me dead lol

Adam C - a few months ago

Gabriel is corny af, everyone fake laughing to make him feel better

Michael Schneider - a few months ago

Damn, how many Bentley/Rolls are there in LA?

Osvaldo Ah - a few months ago


iLLGT2 - a few months ago

Yesssss the "tazam3" days 😉 i bet no one else from e46 on here lmao… sry bout the past childish shit Vik, those were still fun times tho

DynamicTricks - a few months ago

Still waiting on the e46 lol

SoundSpark - a few months ago

i've seen a 4 year old do the same scribbles on a piece of paper.

Ashik Rahman - a few months ago

For Milk less People Eat… -..Shit

Ashik Rahman - a few months ago

That's a Pretty Two Tone RR Dawn With Nice Twenty-four Wheels, Peace Enlightenment Energised Positivity Love

Ashik Rahman - a few months ago

GTR Got Back Banged

RoyAKARedEye - a few months ago

i can ask my nephew to draw you a painting like that on any car. ill charge you 5 dollars

MJimmy3 - a few months ago

Bro get that e46 m3 going again. You were my inspo 6 years ago to get mine and mod it.

Auto Trimmers - a few months ago

02:54 I wanna buy a 650 this year does anyone know anything about them are they reliable?

J Silver - a few months ago

Bentley looking very good. That Grey looks just like their OEM matte color. About the sound system, it's probably not the expensive premium sound system upgrade "Naim" as it's called. If this is the premium sound system, that would be really dissappointing, I doubt it though since I believe this is most likely a base model.

David Ponce - a few months ago

As usual of the music goes with the episode all the time shouts out to Moses and guys really funny and shout-out to Vick in the crew I was coming up with something different on vehicles I like that and I love fluffy too this shows of s*** so I was going to be the s*** sit down to Earth show love it this is the real deal here😎😎

TiBo - a few months ago

3:20 j’ai pas compris
Bruh 😂

alexrenaud1521 - a few months ago

we want to see her live and see the potential of your BMW M3.. and like before watch because it’s always perfect rdb

Chad D'Boy - a few months ago

Moses my new BFF becasue he watches that 70's show!! lmfao

Chad D'Boy - a few months ago

i like Gabriel hes legit so cool unlike george lopez who let the money get to his head.

Mondays are Stunning - a few months ago

What a Flying Spur! Really nice work guys!

133 80 - a few months ago

That little French kid should’ve got smacked. HHWHAT ?? Fuck up dummy

GTR Wendy - a few months ago


Serenity17- Esl - a few months ago

Hit up the ace family and you should customize their new Range Rover

Art Robot - Productions - a few months ago

super ,. ! /////

christian conomos - a few months ago

8:24 wtf is matt metallic charcoal

Burnout Films - a few months ago

3:18 You my man, that WHAT was extra aggressive

Jesus Vasquez - a few months ago

System of a Down

Ross Johnson - a few months ago

If you know you know… Great to see Vik dropping the M3 in there.

Tigran Baghdasaryan - a few months ago

how much do you guys do car tints?

B Leaver - a few months ago

Patiently Waiting for RDB's First Lamborghini URUS Wrap

Gasser Hashem - a few months ago

The white on white dawn is amazing❤️🔥🔥

lorenzo favor - a few months ago


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