Another Brabus 2019 G Wagon completed! This is the 2nd one in the USA and both were built by RDB. Check out all the carbon fiber and the crazy amount of lights up front!

As always some various other work included.

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Moses @rdbmoses

editor: @joevids #RDBLA

OMG 420 - a few months ago

It's so cute that a Honda accord comes for a brake job there lol!

Tommy Ngan - a few months ago

Where’s my video credit for the last part?!?!?

Cash MOn3y - a few months ago


dwight tsanchez - a few months ago

I really enjoy your channel , great messing around and fun and terrific work , please come to NY

Knowledge - a few months ago

That g wagon is spectacular wow. Yah need to be in the million subs already this the best car channel anywhere

Mr S - a few months ago

How do u have time / space in the shop for basic civic break jobs when you guys have a bunch of exotics to work on ???

murat uz - a few months ago

you guys one of the best in the universe

Minneapolis Slim - a few months ago

Y’all need a bigger shop

M M - a few months ago

An AMG package G550 with a Brabus kit in it. That's like wearing Nike Jordans with the Puma tracksuit and the Adidas hat to match.

Jostein Holen - a few months ago

The G-Wagon looks amazing!

-Ezil - - a few months ago

More videos of G class pls I love that auto

King T - a few months ago

I thought this was a real Brabus vehicle.. I didn't know ppl were kool with a fake kit?!

Lucid Golf - a few months ago

I got a car leak inside my car it’s not the heater core already change it someone knows what can it be ? Lmk pls

Simon Pilger - a few months ago

this cameraman

David Ponce - a few months ago

Damn that was a beautiful Ferrari the color the interior Sweet another dope ass episode shout out to Vic and the crew Moses and mono love the show

scionnole - a few months ago

Did you guys edit to not show Moses scraping the Lambo on the way out? I respect it LOL

justin young - a few months ago

Just 👍👍👍 all the way around 👏👏👏

Gclub - a few months ago

Wow I love how aggressive looking this looks. And those tires are a must on this monster

Gclub - a few months ago

Aren't those roof lights illegal 😂

Kurtis Buckle - a few months ago

That g wagon is 🔥🔥💯

Romeo Montana - a few months ago

Poor Mose is being bully everyday by those two losers with no life and dignity just for fun. They need to stop it and show some respect for their hard worker colleagues. It’s very sad and in every video Mose is being abused or bleeding. I’m unsubscribes coz Vik and Mano is dick head…I wonder how those two losers threaten their family… Shame on you guys

SECRET***ADMIN ADMIN - a few months ago

Are you from Algeria?

Mike johnson - a few months ago

S63 over g wagon any day..

Bobby Lee - a few months ago

aren't the 4×4 for the mud not payment

JAMAR - P - a few months ago

I have to get my car done by you guys

Tyler West - a few months ago

I always wonder how many cars get bumped and scuffed trying to navigate around all the vehicles/parts in that lot.

Алтынбек Тасбулатов - a few months ago

Track pls🙏

Алтынбек Тасбулатов - a few months ago

10:48 track pls?🙏

Bryanna Bryanna - a few months ago

What model power washer were you using on the lambo??

Alan Chung - a few months ago

I love how Moses and RDBLA really shows that they care for their clients and there are no shortcuts and no scheming. Going to a repair shop can be costly and deceiving, but these guys are honest and really want to help you! Thank you guys!

i Wreck - a few months ago

Plot twist Vik owns the gas station where they always go fill up

Shalomslime - a few months ago

I never been a fan of the G wagon but dang that looks good in black and white

Eagle Eye - a few months ago

It sucks now that you cali guys can't have modified exhaust . Takes away from all these nice cars. That sucks .

Antonio Gomez - a few months ago

im not impressed on how the RDB is doing their wrapping.. I mean the environment is not the best place to do the wrapping.. you're doing this almost every day, why don't you invest in a clean room.. clean as painting room that is free from dust..

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