#RDBLA Bugatti Giveaway, Cut Up Lamborghini, 1st Widebody Liberty Walk LP580…

#RDBLA Bugatti Giveaway, Cut Up Lamborghini, 1st Widebody Liberty Walk LP580…

Happy New Year!!

Were opening this year with the 1st in the world RWD widebody Lamborghini Huracan! See the full start to finish process on the build and see what it takes to have this setup!

We also unwrap a Bugatti AGAIN!!!

Watch the end for another special RDB plate giveaway!

70k subscribers, lets go!

Astronomical-NOOB Roblox - last year

Where's the Bugatti giveaway

Juan Mendoza - last year

What’s the name of the song when the video starts?

EJ Choco - last year

i subscribed

Gas Monkey - last year

If he’s the owner and he’s doing the dirty work, then we know that he cares about his business

mariusmilanese - last year

2 questions

Where do I get these rear wings from

and is the rear wing also mounted on the sides? or how is it fixed there

fadi akel - 11 months ago


Matthew Borbon - 11 months ago

This man choppin up a Lambo in yezzeys 😅😅

mohamed fahud - 11 months ago

You guys are amazing😊

I see nothing wrong with Stalin - 11 months ago

Get that Saloqueerdrin outta here

James Paitan - 10 months ago

That lambo is a beast

Gasser Hashem - 10 months ago

Its beautiful ❤️

Nurazam Jamaludin - 9 months ago

Bro nice plat…

Sivaprasad Km - 9 months ago


JEANIUS FILMS - 9 months ago

That Huracan is Lovely!

Quang Nguyen - 9 months ago

I like so much. I wish in Vietnam as well as him. I love cars. but conditions are not allowed. I like to work like you

justin young - 8 months ago

Just a quick question: is it necessary to cut the car up in order to install a kit? Or are there other options? Asking out of curiosity

justin young - 8 months ago

I didn't know Tesla's even did that. That was a great reaction time to open up also. You guys are #PROS 👍

justin young - 8 months ago

70k what!!! Look @ya now 100k+ Beautiful cars fellas

Nolan Walsh - 8 months ago

I wish I had that lamborghini

Sudip Nandi - 8 months ago

You can't give me the bugatti because i am from india…but nice modifications… Good luck

Voice of the Quran - 8 months ago

Nice car, I love this car

booyah booyah - 8 months ago

Could've purchased a Aventador for what it's costing to make a huracan look like one

Currant Currency - 8 months ago

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khader zia - 8 months ago

Rockz RDBLA ypu guys are amazing. love you guys keep going

Robert Delgado - 7 months ago

The red Lamborghini needs some red rims..you guys do great work.

Rushikesh Mhalaskar - 7 months ago

Are u interest in india

Blu3 Sk1es - 7 months ago

nice ! you pay 15k for a fiberglass kit shit and it does not even fit ..

scorpion tt4 - 7 months ago

start music name?

Brayan Paulino - 7 months ago

El salomundo k paso mis papirines

Loyd Cachin - 6 months ago


jayal Vakhariya - 6 months ago

Please sir I want this car

Bunyod Abdiyev - 6 months ago


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