#RDBLA Bugatti, Many Rolls Royce’s, Crazy Exotics, all in 1 day!

#RDBLA Bugatti, Many Rolls Royce’s, Crazy Exotics, all in 1 day!

We are super excited for this one as it’s jam packed with crazy cars. Remember everything you see is close to real time, footage is shot and immediately edited for episodes. So what you see is usually 1-2 days of footage!

We start with a crazy 812 Superfast that gets dropped off for lots of goodies. This will be updated in a future episode. Then we add a just few different colored exotics we got laying around to show you this ain’t your typical shop.

Next up is a Brand new Range Rover straight from the dealer (client hasn’t even picked up the car) getting a quick wheel upgrade.

Then comes possibly the highlight of the episode with the start of a Bugatti color change (wrap). Make sure to see the end where we finish and drive this bright white Bug!

Sort of like a bonus feature we show you guys a Brand New Rolls Royce Wraith transported from Florida for the famous RDB Makeover! Two Tone Sinister Black awesomeness!

How about 2 Widebody exotics playing around? We put up the Blue 488 and Red Huracan to create some crazy footage!

There’s more, as you see 2 DropHead Phantoms, other maintenance and service work as well.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned with the realest Shop around!

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Vik @rdbvik
Mano @rdbmano
Moses @rdbmoses

editor: @joevids

Mg Arceo - 6 months ago

hard work pays off!

jatt thiara - 6 months ago

I love the videos

SYED ASHIM AHMED - 6 months ago


WABBIT SEASON - 6 months ago

Time for RDB to get a larger location. Expansion is inevitable at this point.

Sage Akporherhe - 6 months ago

ayyyyeee 334 views. Never been this early before

Alberto Herrera - 6 months ago

RDBLA !!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

NEGATIVE 9 - 6 months ago

I L O V E RDBLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shawn Robertson - 6 months ago

that 488 is nutty

Salahudheen Kt - 6 months ago

Which country you from???

abuv10 - 6 months ago


kimi88cz - 6 months ago

Love the GTC4, get one Vik!!

HeadCandyEntertainment - 6 months ago

Great 👍🏽 Video once again❗️

Glendon Beck - 6 months ago

“Not borrowing cars to do reviews” SHOTS FIRED!!!!

Josh B - 6 months ago

See but when the turbo Ferrari has issues you make $ ✌

descz. - 6 months ago

2:42 I hate those HRE's on the bug, ew it ruined the car

Efrain Roman - 6 months ago

Really dont know how you guys arent at 1mil subs. You put out some of the best content on youtube hands down

Naughty Moose - 6 months ago

RDB best car channel on youtube dead ass. Fuck those vlogers who post click-baiting garbage

nawwal zaharan - 6 months ago

Damn that 488 was to close to the ground, the gap was like a sheet

LeoD Caribbean - 6 months ago

we need longer videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FishyBobs - 6 months ago

Those wheels on the bug look pretty baller

Christopher Smith - 6 months ago

Is that Mayweather old bug he sold?

Sahil Singh - 6 months ago

The V12 lusso is still there though.

Russian Nuke - 6 months ago

Come to NY.

el Caballero - 6 months ago

Range Rover wheels are hideous!!

Felipe Hernandez - 6 months ago

Bugatti on point cleanest one I've seen nice white on black 😵

Frank Franco - 6 months ago

Dope video

John Cunningham - 6 months ago

Hey Vik, that was a GTC4 LussoT and it's only rear-wheel drive. The 6.3L V-12 still comes with the "real" GTC4 Lusso along with four-wheel drive! And yes, you NEED one!

Glenn Smith - 6 months ago

you guys are awesome

crospotter13 - 6 months ago

Great episode! Greetings from Croatia in Europe, when I visit LA I will come here and buy some merch for sure 🙂

R!NZzL3R!!! - 6 months ago

which cars does vik own???

alexrenaud1521 - 6 months ago

Its me or I clic like before watch the video .? . because I know 👌🏻

kmpa9 - 6 months ago

VIK YES U NEED TO GET U A GT4 LUSSO with a similar spec!!!

cesarcastellan0s - 6 months ago

those two dislikes are parker and boden

Carl Fils-Aime - 6 months ago

That Range Rover looks straight FIRE

C6Fever - 6 months ago


Frankg Estrada - 6 months ago

The. Real. S. H. O. P

thebooferster - 6 months ago

Effspot roasted that veyron in a recent video

sam9m - 6 months ago

No hate but don't you think you should invest in building a contamination free wrapping booth. You can't be wrapping a bugatti in a dirty garage now….

zappep - 6 months ago

6:18 One Rolls Royce after another one, after another one, after another one… "on to the next one"

Jon Stepanenkov - 6 months ago

The gtc4 is nice, but the v12 is so much better than the v8

manman464 - 6 months ago

Its called gtc not gt4 and there is still a v12 version of it this is the lusso t

Kid Dupree - 6 months ago

70K isn't outrageous 😆💸

Blackened - 6 months ago

That was one of the best RDB video's I have seen!! Fucking love this channel

Anon1993 - 6 months ago

I want one of the one-off vintage RDBLA shirts

randy johnson - 6 months ago

Love the work, but 2 things:
1) we need 30mins plus videos
2) need a sister shop in NY or the east coast

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