This Bugatti is so crazy it deserves another shoot!

Audi S7 all the way from Maryland gets the RDB Treatment.

New RDB Vintage Shirts being prepared and Moses gets carried away!

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Moses @rdbmoses

editor: @joevids

Spazik86 - last week

LA – home of most Bugattis 😀

Awais Sheth - last week

hello im early

Blvck Phvntow - last week

Just love the sound of the turbo whistle in the Bugatti

HUNTER - last week

vik with that fear of god

Alberto Herrera - last week

WhAt perfect way to start up my Monday. Thanks RDBLA. 🤙🏻

Fetus Christ - last week

When can we purchase those vintage shirts?

Blvck Phvntow - last week

9:42 that guy in the back??? :DDDDDDDDd

Ianbest Smith - last week

when its Monday and u are subscribed to the best YouTube chanel in the YT society

ButImNotAReviewer - last week

Definitely copping 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Dominic Zetouna - last week

Sick t shirts

gottabump - last week

zero interest in Bugattis.. think ther ugly

Antonio Mao - last week

Like 101

Chris Mccullough - last week

1 of the nicest Audi Iv seen

Bryan Sutter - last week

That Audi is sick hopefully I see it on the road sometime!

SDBROOKS08 - last week

Moses need to hit that back to the future 2 button and shrink his jacket!

TaDas T - last week

205th like

Asad Ali - last week

Love from Pakistan

Chill Hill - last week

Those Veyron wheels are ugly as hell

Robert P - last week

Moses ate an edible before hoping in the s7 lol

Pro Habits - last week

That Veyron so aggressive

ThatOld Whiteman - last week

Tom Ford beard oil?

Can do Life - last week

Floyd money mayweather old bug ….. Preferred the original white wheels but guess the new owner wanted to put his stamp on it.

Pro Habits - last week

Those shirts are 🔥

Turkic - last week

PPF in such an environment?

Adryan Prakarsa - last week

am i the only one who's getting curious about that sc430 that always appears at the background?

SDBROOKS08 - last week

Why didn’t we get riding footage of the highlander but you gave plenty of the bughatti??? Lol. #morehighlanderfootage

Alexander Murphy - last week

do any of the people ever complain about driving their cars ?

Ameer Jasmin - last week

Vic is the type of dude to go swimming with a hat on

Art Robot - Productions - last week

special,. ////

OMG 420 - last week

Whoever thought Audi would come out with a muscle car?

If you say "me" I call bullshit….

Osvaldo Ah - last week


deepak barot - last week

Rdb is great

bb996 - last week

Moses looks like an Arab version of Pablo Escobar with that t-shirt on.

all things interesting - last week

Audi sounds good

Bati - last week

Moses is thicc

Wendell Coert - last week

Moses looks like alen in movie hangover with that t-shirt 😂

Alex Martinez - last week

Sniper gang?

Alan Chung - last week

The jacket that Moses is wearing is SICK, ya'll need a wide release of that bomber jacket!

Earth Chan - last week

Wide body the veryon xD

BW - last week

The wheels on that bug are unreal

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