#RDBLA Christmas Toy Drive, Santa’s 4×4 Sleigh and more!

#RDBLA Christmas Toy Drive, Santa’s 4×4 Sleigh and more!

Merry Christmas everyone!

On this special day we would like to share our Holiday Toy Drive! The event was put on by RDB and Forgiato to raise Toys for the Children’s Hospital. We had an incredible turnout with hundreds of toys donated to the Hospital.

James K - last year

The elves bruh 😂

Idriss El Mediouri - last year

Song 4:00 ?

The Millions - last year

RDB make a video of how you guys all started your working on cars and how you guys came together as a team, how did RBD start..

ben zaslavski - last year

3:50 what song?

przemsl - last year

Keep it going you are the best. Merry Christmas and happy new year

akachuy - last year

hmm im surprised alejandro isnt here

Talk Nerdy To Me - last year

I really really need more B roll from Forgiato… :::cries:::: good to see so much of you guys! Great channel so far!!! xoxo

Faiz Akhtar - last year

Can you check your email??

Jill Andrea - last year

Salomondrin should replace Fartshard with Vic or Mano. So much better than that loud mouth ass kisser.

Idriss El Mediouri - last year

Song 4:00?

Sweater Wearing Squirrel - last year

You need to get Bill from Ekstensive in Texas to make you a sick cage and front/rear brush-guards for the 4×4 G Wagon. He does things with tubing that are unimaginable.

IN33DM0N3Y - last year

2:13 Shout out to Nipsey Hussle

cmj molina - last year

Nice love those super cars 🚗

Osvaldo Ah - last year

I’ll fuck that little midget

Edgar Heredia - last year

Does anyone know how much that 6×6 costs?

Edgar Heredia - last year

6:05 Gotta clean those midget germs 5:15.

Luis Garcia - last year

6:13 my goodness! :O

Матвей Смирнов - last year


Isa Salah - last year

what's up dudes lol you rapid up rivers !?!!

Krino Deleveaux - last year

This channel should have WAY more subs

Global Gaben - last year

Why does this channel have so small ammount of subs?

Big A - last year

The F12 in the end killed it. #eargasm

Alan DoubleYou - last year

05:50 so angry 😤 and so beautiful 😍

Bigpapa039 - last year

The first sexy little person I’ve every seen

Giovanni V - last year

From all this cars the 454SS Standout

구성진 - last year

I am really wondering that the G500 is completed the tune of soft top?? Beacuse I haven't seen the G500 video long time

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