Yet again a packed Episode with lots of cars and funny moments!

We receive 2 more Rolls Royce Cullinans for makeovers! Check out the progress on 1 that will surely be unique. Check back to see it completed on the next episode!

F12 Ferrari gets some more modifications.

Vik can’t get enough of a Can Am.

Moses gets lots of mechanical work done as usual!

Chris (Neighbor from last episode) stops by again.

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Moses @rdbmoses

editor: @JoeVids #RDBLA

Kevin Pardo - a few months ago

Please Go Subscribe To My Channel. I Am 13 Years Old And I Am Following My Dreams To Become A Car And Boating YouTuber. Don’t Forget To Subscribe, Like, Comment, And Share My First Video. Thank You. 🇺🇸🙏🏽🇺🇸🙏🏽

Harry Correa - a few months ago

I Love That You Guys Let Him Speak In Spanish And Put The Subtitles. And Not Forcing Him To Do It In English 😍💪

Pili González - a few months ago

Muy guapos todos los coches un poco más de habla en español

Giggy Giggy - a few months ago

Joint looks like One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest…………….

Nhan Tran - a few months ago

like 50% of all cullinans go thru RDB

Charles zapata - a few months ago

Yall need to cut that mexican dude. He cant speak spanish or inglish…. I can say this cuz im both bilingual and latino

PR KING - a few months ago

People choose some fucked up colors for their RR.

Hubhawk - a few months ago

The mexican guys shirt is epic😂

watever watever - a few months ago

Moses is goin to explode one of these days lol

watever watever - a few months ago

"or you just jealous" lmao 😂

PalmBeach Grown - a few months ago

Blue Cullinan looks like shittt. Not RDBs fault that color does not belong on an SUV or any luxury high end car.

dillaboo16 - a few months ago

"Dont hate the player, Hate the game"💯

Vishal Jassal - a few months ago

You guys killin the car game in the whole country.. always look forward to the videos

Dennis van damme - a few months ago

Keep up the great work guys! Love the channel

Sands Real Estate West - a few months ago


Sands Real Estate West - a few months ago

FUNNIEST PART OF THE VIDEO 6:16. And notice the guy above on the TV screen LAUGHS at that exact same moment LOL!!!

Aleksa Marković - a few months ago

That Ferrari rdbla t-shirt Is soo cool

Daniel V - a few months ago

These videos are slowly getting more incredibly edited each episode! Keep it up RDBLA, awesome content 🙂

Fruit Snacks - a few months ago

damn foo leave some tire for the birthday boy 🤣

Dan Vizcar - a few months ago

9 RR cullinan's, I can't even lease a Honda fit. 🙁

Grant - a few months ago

9:38 #America

Jesus Torres - a few months ago

Is the old guy a homeless? If so I would like to donate him some clothes and money.

cesar miranda - a few months ago

Homeboy didn't say "so on to the next one" he said "so we're here another day"

Xiejh Blissfyre - a few months ago

Honestly, it's about time people with more creative ideas started showing up. Yes, they have in the past, but it's not very unique when EVERYONE has a blacked out ride :/

Cesar Lopez - a few months ago

Perron que tengan raza latina jalando

Eduardo Villaleon - a few months ago

Man whit this cars you need a better place

H Logan - a few months ago

Great content once again
Another one

Danny Miranda - a few months ago

Your guys contenting getting even better with all these characters. the old man, the guitarist and the paisa lol

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