#RDBLA Crashed Lamborghini’s and More!

#RDBLA Crashed Lamborghini’s and More!

We show you guys some damaged Lamborghini’s!

Mike Noga - 6 months ago

Hehe he just tossed a $10k fender…. Wonder where it's at now

role1 - 6 months ago

I’m mad the Chrysler didn’t get washed lmao

Joe Days - 6 months ago

It's different Lamborghinis. The one in the beginning around the 40 second math is not the same lambo that later in had the bike swoosh on it. Just look at the rear deck lid on the car. Two completely different cars. The first one is I think Andre. The one with the Nike on it I think belongs to Chris Brown. Cuz in another episode they had his lambo and it had the Nike on the door after he got it wrapped to the gray color. So yeah. Two different cars guys.

Whack bag - 6 months ago

Vik says y'all fired for not washing that Chrysler B4 returning it…wtf?

James Manning - 6 months ago

I would have loved to have that Lambo fender.

James Manning - 6 months ago

The only dumpster want to go dumpster diving in.

KeHan T - 6 months ago

I want to work at RDBLA!

David Ponce - 6 months ago

Like I always said another Delta episode and the music was killer shout out to mono and Moses it's like The Odd Couple but I like it is cool I guess. Vic I'll be out there pretty soon like I said I love the show always have something different that's what I like about it shouts out to the crew always Making Waves love the show always have to see it I even see the reruns 2 on YouTube😎😎😎😎

Nabil N. - 6 months ago

I came here because of Salomondrin. I’Ve stoped watching him because of u guys!
U’re making great car contnents!

Jameel - 6 months ago

Would have payed good money for that lambo fender

BLARE WEAR - 6 months ago

Yall do realize we know that is Chris Brown's lambo right?

Chad D'Boy - 6 months ago

keep up the good work guys

Boots N Pants - 6 months ago

They didnt wash the Chrysler 😭😭😭

Kyle Solis - 6 months ago

Insane beat drop in the intro

Rudolf Lehutjo - 6 months ago

Nike sign lambo belongs to Chris Breeeeezy!

TheExoticGarden - 6 months ago

How can I get that Aventador fender??

Art Robot - Productions - 6 months ago

L i . K e ,.////

qwertyqwerty - 6 months ago

nice and soft

koolkev75 - 6 months ago

Great stuff as always 👍🔥🔥🔥🔥

C6Fever - 6 months ago

Something special with this channel. They just come across genuine.

Pro Habits - 6 months ago

RDBLA Slways dropping 🔥 on us

Pro Habits - 6 months ago

9:23 sexy lady

Richard John - 6 months ago

Moses is a fool, like mono n vik

Andres Valladares - 6 months ago

Why didn’t you guys wash the old school car man you guys wash the Lamborghinis Ferrari’s

Gio :c - 6 months ago

Fat like

Gio :c - 6 months ago

That Moses walk in 😂

Jason Langevin - 6 months ago

Mo release it to the customer ‘ses

T Nelson - 6 months ago

Gave the keys to valet. Sure more like saving embarrassment for the customer.

xrcrx ftfghjg - 6 months ago

men drivers👎

Vishal Godara - 6 months ago

RDBLA the cctv footage shown is of a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, when a valet driver lost control over it at a hotel in New Delhi, India in 2014.

Female Doggy - 6 months ago

Anyone else been noticing those two tone silver and black cars recently? I’ve been seeing too many of those on the streets

Meen - 6 months ago

Yo these videos are amazing

STAT44 - 6 months ago

if you guys want to keep the customer a secret maybe don't sure them in the video @0:33 pretty sure that's andre roberson the basketball player from OKC; and agree totally NEVER valet park your car..

Jonathan Lastname - 6 months ago

Lol. They totally teased the audience with those clippers at the end.

Marcus Bo - 6 months ago

This phone dont even got colour he said lol9oollololoo blooodclattt lol

Kenan Marx - 6 months ago

Oh Chris Brown…

Yenjay - 6 months ago

Til another one 🙂 Great channel, I'm hooked.

Quinley - - 6 months ago


Firstname Lastname is allowed - 6 months ago

When he said that the owner of the lambo wanted a Nike swoosh on the car I thought to myself, I said self, what the fuck! A Nike swoosh!? Really!? But honestly it looks really good!! Think the size was key to it being a fail or a win. They or whoever did it nailed it tho!! The flat grey with the gloss black I dig it. Flat black and gloss black is one of my favorite combos so I really like that how it turned out. Good job ladies!! Good job!!! Lol

Loyd Cachin - 6 months ago


Fedora Swag - 6 months ago

do an all day live stream of what goes into fixing some of these cars,that would be neat.

Maroon Mitchell - 6 months ago

is the customer andre roberson?

scott miller - 6 months ago

Moses that phone came with 50% battery when you first got it and you still haven't needed to charge it lol

Mercedes Benz - 6 months ago

it wasn't a valet lol. I saw him crashing it himself with my own eyes :D! hahaha

AvHi - 6 months ago

The 'Nike Lambo' is Andre Roberson's??

Eugene Delacruz - 6 months ago

its Andre Robersons lambo from the OKC Thunder. You can see him in the beginning of the video.

Brayden Simmons - 6 months ago

I had just seen that Lamborghini aventador jut a couple days ago on broadway extension in OKC Oklahoma

Brayden Simmons - 6 months ago

Is that Russel Westbrook’s

potato master race - 6 months ago

that is Andre Roberson's lamborghini. he's a player on okc

0:32 andre roberson

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