There is a lot going on in this episode!

We finish up a beautiful Matte Deep Black Rolls Royce Cullinan! 26” Forgiato Gloss Black Wheels with lots of other gloss black accents. Lowered with a press of a button, this Rolls Royce SUV is ready for LA!

Mclaren 720S gets a pair of futuristic shoes!

The Mercedes G 4×4 Car Crusher is back!

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Vik @rdbvik
Mano @rdbmano
Moses @rdbmoses

editor: @JoeVids #RDBLA

cityking9ne - a few months ago

That's the best Cullinan so far.

Kool.Creation - a few months ago

The Matte RR looks good.

Sanele Leon - a few months ago

Definitely this rolls royce is my favourite

phillylove39 - a few months ago

I am not a Matte person but that Cullinan is freakin killer!! Now that is the way that car/suv should look.

Sonwabile Nxawe - a few months ago

Damn Vik, I nearly had a heart attack with that near collision!!!

Cem Sezen - a few months ago

I swear Moses always ends with "and release it to the customer" part

ewald elfering - a few months ago

The mclaren looks olmost like a jaquar Xj220 with d's covers

Frank Franco - a few months ago

That one is my favorite

Anthony I - a few months ago

That's a big no no on the 720s wheels

Kieran Phillips Clothing - a few months ago

Heavy Midnight club LA vibes

lucas16 - a few months ago

The speedtail 720s

J R - a few months ago

Black Cullinan is amazing, but i dont like the rotiforms on the 720s at all :S

Dragon Ram - a few months ago

This cullinan is my favorite

Lusajo Mwasambili - a few months ago

"Hey we are not in Hawaii" 😂

icepl4net - a few months ago

Jon Olssons LA car

TRL Z - a few months ago

The old A8 6.3 W12 had similar wheels and W124 E class too. On the 720 it looks sh*t

Alan DoubleYou - a few months ago

This one the best one so far 04:55

My favorite!

Schumi - a few months ago

8:25 This guy can barely touch the pedals and people trust him with their cars? With that driving? Wouldn't trust him a 20yo Kia tbh.

Your Daddy - a few months ago

Be careful with the aerodiscs, they tend to overheat brakes due to not enough air coming in.

Alejandro Mata Gomez - a few months ago

Have u ever crash a car while test driving??

максим ильясов - a few months ago

Привет с Симферополя

Alan DoubleYou - a few months ago

Yes I totally agree with you Vik. That was a stupid move from the white car. 08:54

What a clown 🤡

Andrew Smythe - a few months ago

Looks really really good. The only Cullinan I have ever liked.

dr. rich blackman - a few months ago

The 72o looks so unfinished with just the front two wheels with the cap more is gonna be done to it i assume?

MARTINJW25 - a few months ago

720s Speedtail RDB edition LOL

Can do Life - a few months ago

If you took your car to RDBLA for work you'd want mosses to test drive it , if Vick gets the keys it would come back with half its tyres, half its fuel, and half its engines life . 😁😁😁

DipBoi_ 650 - a few months ago

Dum question. Why no GT-Rs in???

Kenny Moore - a few months ago

Those wheels on that last was terrible who's idea was that ?

Michael Jordan - a few months ago

The cullinan is a ugly vehicle to me but that matte black with the gloss black wheels are hard af

· ɹǝɟɹnS · ɹǝʌlᴉS · - a few months ago

Rolls Royce let Homer Simpson design that thing. Impossible to have a favourite turd even if many have been done.

Loot Box - a few months ago

Please color match those wheels to the body color on the 720S.
It's bold and daring, I love those but they have to match the body color, it's totally an unwritten rule kind of thing.

OMG 420 - a few months ago

Id like the white one if it was whited out the rest (grill badges).

Bryan White - a few months ago

Are cullinans cheaper than the urus? I know in person the cullinans is captivating but still the urus and then watching you guy customize one👌

Brandon Àraujo - a few months ago

That white subí wanted the smoke 😭😂

MrKittke - a few months ago

how will the aero discs affect the life and effectivness of the brakes?

Chris Perry - a few months ago

I like the remixed fake hip hop beat versions of the real songs on this channel and I'm sure Doug Demiro would have loved the Masarati getting driven over by a Mercedes clip lol!

Darryl Beck - a few months ago

The one you did for yo gotti

allied1394 - a few months ago

That black cullinan is the dopest one I’ve seen I personally don’t like them but that matte black one is mean I’d definitely drive it

gottabump - a few months ago

Dont think I like these RR or Bentley trucks

D. Anderson - a few months ago

didn't have to flex on us like that with the AirPods 5:45

Adam Fun - a few months ago

How the owners of those cars are ok with you driving their cars like that!!

David J - a few months ago

720s wheels look very bad… sorry.

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