#RDBLA Ferrari, SLS, Paint Work and More!

#RDBLA Ferrari, SLS, Paint Work and More!

Lots of content so we’re giving you more uploads!

No gimmicks just real Auto Shop Business!

Indushan Sandrasekar - last year

That s63 looked so sick

Scott Bott - last year

peel that wrap Vik

Scott Bott - last year

6:55 . "The whole axle boot is broken causing the car to not drive properly".. Really? A torn axle boot causes the car to bit drive properly? Ok.

xclusivekid123 - last year

From the screenshot in the outside I thought it was a Ferrari with SLS doors.. 😢😢

vSauceKing - last year

Y’all give Armenian discounts?🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲

dennis swab - last year


Blackened - last year

Damn that SLS was dope, I like that better than the AMG GT

Nikolia Sokolov - last year


Tijmen van der Bijl - last year

Asleep cattle signature go rebel starting district agent club legend Senate grip adjust.

Luis Barraza - last year

Not a good look for Benz that SLS needing mounts, it can’t be that old.

Ryan Criss - last year

i want to open something like this

Bruce Sicnarf - last year

hook a brother up with a RDB plate man. love your guys work and vidoes. bless up.

Henk boeit niet - last year

Make a item over those optic fibers

Skeezy Greedo - last year

I want the rari in the thumbnail.

Jo Louie - last year

A Ferrari SLS Spyder at RDB anything really is possible! hehe I find myself watching these videos multiple times.

Bruno Sales - last year

Damn what a click bait thumbnail!!!

New England Exotics - last year

Name of the song playing when they wrapped the Ferrari???? Anyone??

Z zz - last year


MBisFrenchy - last year

WARNING: If anyone uses Miller Motorcars to service their cars they do a bad job with PPF if anyone is thinking of getting the front bumper done with the hood. They didn't tuck the PPF over the edges and under so it's very obvious at the edges. They also outsource work which is fine but they don't tell you up front and when they refinished the wheels that had curb rash on a GranTurismo it resulted in the wheels coming back flat gray and not metallic gray like the original Grigio color. All they say is sorry and nothing else. They also broke the internal clips on the GranTurismo when the mirror switch failed while under warranty. Now it rattles and is loose. Completely unprofessional.

Phillip Hoffman - last year

Fix the RS7! It hurts to see it like that

Humzah Ahmad - last year

what happened to salmondrin’s water car

Darlon Guadeloupe - last year

Give me your car for $$$$$$$

Damian Alta Dj chino Hdz - last year

Cuanto cuesta la mercedes

Juan Lopez - last year

That thumbnail tricked me into watching this!!!!!!!!

Noni Sanyo - last year

U guys are awesome keep them coming

Batman - last year


Criss Brezzy - last year

working hard #RDBLA just wanna say thanks and god bless you for the motivation i'm just a ghetto kid from los angeles

John Wayne - last year

Wonder why car manufactures don't factory install clear bras or clear PPF on all new cars leaving their assembly facilities. Can you imagine how much longer the pain jobs would last and the overall value of the cars would lose less value.

nikson - last year

7:50 song name?

Santiago Pozo - last year

The song of the white bmw ? Anyone ?

Alan Audi - last year

What about the Audi RS7 that’s wrecked is it another project

Leonardo Pano - last year

i want to work there sooo baad

Anthony Jackson - last year

RDB> Alejandro 😂😂

Cookie Tasty - last year

That Thumbnail

Aliminy - last year

You guys have a good painter, definitely looks like he knows what he’s doing.

Oliver Hernandez - last year

Vik with the yeezys

Kamran Coors - last year


Pete Woody - 10 months ago

do you guys carry every single part or do y'all order it before the costumer gets there cause it seems like y'all have a factory back there

MMCXII - 6 months ago

9:28 the fuck is that 😂😂🤣🤣

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