First customer owned Lamborghini SVJ in USA is already being modified by RDB. This is not for clickbait! This is the first modified SVJ in the WORLD! Watch to see what’s going on and stay locked in for the final results!

We also finish up a super clean modified Lamborghini Huracan. Featuring Novitec Lowering Springs and Velos Wheels, this Huracan is too clean!

Don Appleoni stops by for more gifts and wants to show everyone how fast he is!

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Moses @rdbmoses

editor: @joevids

Stimulated - last week

Mose's looks like a character straight outta GTA

allied1394 - last week

That black lambs is sexy

Osvaldo Ah - last week


Tony Soprano - last week


Tevin King - last week

Who else saw the SVJ on Vehicle Virgins channel?

Adrien Devos - last week

Stop showing Don Applaoni guys it's a waste of footage

Adam Fun - last week

Damn that huracan is totally my style lowered all black simple no kits with those sick rims !!!! Mmmm perfection

Anon1993 - last week

Why can't I choose a size for the Vintage t's on your website?

SYA DUNNO TV - last week

4:18 whats The Name Of the Song??

Yooo Frankiee - last week

The fuck is the clown doing on this channel

SuTen - last week

4:18 – Bullshit ends n real vid starts….

Idk my name - last week

donnnn appleeeoniii hahaha that guy is committed i like him. Crazy day on rdb with 3 500k cars.v special editions.

Rashid Khan Rind - last week

Great job

Y u No do - last week

get rid of him

Julen Navin - last week

Toronto had the first svj in North America

Schnurboy - last week

4:14 video starts here. dont waste your time of life people.

Corvette Guy - last week

That black huracan oh my gawd 👌👌👌💯

Rex Kwondo - last week

get a new scooter and put those speakers from Dons baller ride on there

Alfred Chan - last week

"$1200 hundred dollar sweater, plus tax" smh

Bryan Viezcas - last week

That Svj is all over YouTube now

Chris Sierra - last week

Won’t the ave get in trouble for not having cats in California?

Luis Jaime - last week

If you’re not first you’re last

Jose Molina - last week

Moses got like 500hp stock

Carlos Garcia - last week

That lambo is insane!

Tore Hansen - last week

Looks like US are missing a saving people from themself law…

rideordieguy rideordieguy - last week


qwerty qwerty - last week

DON APPLEONI🥰😍😘💦💦 yes lmao

ytown1987 - last week

Goodbye ear drums @9:10

Josh B - last week


Jacob Hoffman - last week

Ban Don Applaoni.

Tai Valentine - last week

I wish these episodes were a little longer

Mr. HD - last week

Fuck salomondrin bruh . Once had the best channel . Now it’s all shit every video is the same . To top it off little bitch disables the comments like a little cunt because he doesn’t want to get his little feelings hurt. #fucksalomondrin

Tom Bradley - last week

Always the most amazing line up of cars

JonMarc Daley - last week

bro its maaad jokes at the shop lmao

kingstone707 - last week

I just hope that Lambo is RWD because it s gonna get f——– with different wheel size

V L - last week

Why the hell does motherfuker remind me of Alberto del Rio.

Rasheed17 - last week

I was unsubbed from you guys without my knowledge???

BAELS - last week

Yo i got any sort of respect or credibility for sale… $1,200 plus tax. Hmu!

TDI isaawaytogo - last week

Trasharoni right here 😂😂

ThatOld Whiteman - last week

Moses still got it. 👍

Boom Jackson - last week

plz get rid of that clown .looks dirty n voice is annoying as hell clean dirty looking motherfuker

deepak barot - last week

Rdb is great

V L - last week

It has a busted lip 9:32

jody rhodes - last week

So, What new drugs have arrived in LA?

Tahmid Shanto - last week

That last SV, SV-R and SV-J family 🖤🖤🖤

Goyard - last week

Damn I thought the SVJ looked cool until they put the SV next to it

Tim Germany - last week

I'm wearing Dockers and GAP shoes. Dressed better than this fool.

Christopher Anthony Cojuangco - last week

excellent work on the cars guys. if i may, what track did you use for 6:35? thanks.

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