#RDBLA GOLDEN Bentley, Smashed Cars, Too Short’s Porsche & More!

#RDBLA GOLDEN Bentley, Smashed Cars, Too Short’s Porsche & More!

Lots of new things going on!

Bentley Flying Spur goes GOLD! Moses gets really excited and busts out some Gold Accessories for a Test Drive.

Smashed cars everywhere, we show you a few wrecked cars that we are in process of repairing!

Project Helleanor is nearing completion.

Last time Vik wants to fire up the custom Aventador Exhaust system.

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Vik @rdbvik
Mano @rdbmano
Moses @rdbmoses

BryGuy87 - 6 months ago

That Ferrari is soooooo damn sexy! Hot damn!!🔥🔥🔥 I would guess the Range repair will be $6,700

Barry Saunders - 6 months ago

Please help me get a new car. I am still in high school and can not work a full time job because of how much work I have. Anything helps. https://www.gofundme.com/q4tny-help-me-get-my-first-car&rcid=r01-153991536811-58af037c4c464963&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_m

Zesty Lobster Tail - 6 months ago

can you guys invest in a better mic that doesn't get clipped by every single car? Very annoying as a headphone user

Aarij Rahman - 6 months ago

Exhaust is for the portofino

BryGuy87 - 6 months ago

Ferrari FF is my guess on the exhaust!

Hustle Man Rene’ - 6 months ago

The Ferrari comes out and you just get a nice taste of the beat. I Put On For My City. By Young Jeezy. Got to love it. My favorite color to. Midnight blue if I’m right 🤔.

Brian Vogt - 6 months ago

that Ferrari is soooo fire

DJ WEAZ - a few months ago

Great video! That Lambo exhaust is nuts!!

mugdays - a few months ago

Driving with the hood open so that it pops up while driving in the middle of a public road with other cars around is a really, REALLY stupid idea.

I don't know why you thought it'd be cool to include it in your video, or to even do it in the first place.

Freaky Mickey - a few months ago

That 488gtb LB sicko af!

fahad.a - a few months ago


Clark Derks-wyatt - a few months ago

f type svr

Md Ahmed - a few months ago

Huracan exhaust

Raymond Puerto - a few months ago

Lol you guys are so funny

Hector Camacho - a few months ago


KoRnrulesM6 - a few months ago

Range rover is 20k to fix and the exhaust is for a 720S?

Chad D'Boy - a few months ago

r8/hurracan? or 720s exhaust?

Chad D'Boy - a few months ago

LOL i love that moses takes the initiative to be fresh for RDB videos… hes a good employee.

A Omar - a few months ago

RR damage I would estimate $3800
and the exhaust I think its for a Vantage or Portofino

Brennan koble - a few months ago

Chrome lips on the Ferrari still look like shit

nighthawk.black - a few months ago

Anyone else notice Vik's Rolex Submariner at the very end of the video?

Jonathan Lastname - a few months ago

Hell naw brougham. Just when I was about to say that mano was letting the money change him into a host this mofo vik cut a promo with a mustang project and the hood flies off AND HE LEFT IT IN THE FINAL CUT…

Rene Flores - a few months ago

Like 10k

rootsman99 - a few months ago

720S exhaust

Bolo Lee - a few months ago

11k for the range new parts

Mondays are Stunning - a few months ago

Is the Titanium exhaust for a GTC 4 Lusso?

Dan Mang - a few months ago

Vic goin around hittin people in the pant antler wtf hahahahaha

RoyAKARedEye - a few months ago

really didnt get enough attention growing up if you need that gold chrome wrap

TheExoticGarden - a few months ago

Exhaust for McLaren

durian decay - a few months ago

show some of viks car collection

Wr3 Blogs - a few months ago

You need to wrap moses’s phone

Lachezar Gerginov - a few months ago

The new exhaust is 812 or F12 🙂

Szymon Bochniarz - a few months ago

I Think 3k🧠🧠🧠

1hard2findbro - a few months ago

I love seeing good old fashioned hard work 👌

Ej Thaiculture - a few months ago


GIOGIO - a few months ago

The mustang was taking off

Vaishnavi Wadaje - a few months ago

Mc laren

Schnurboy - a few months ago

Exhaust for Lambo Urus would be nice !!!

azstarz100 - a few months ago

Moses looking like Wonder Woman

Pepijn Pollaert - a few months ago

Exhaust is for a G-class?!

Nick Ser - a few months ago


YouBocaj67Tube - a few months ago

New key for the Rover? Expensive! New Rover (under) bumper? Expensive! Why so expensive? Because they can!!!

J A - a few months ago

$21K dollars to fix the car plus the cost of labor so basically around 30K

Kurtis Buckle - a few months ago

The exhaust is for a 720s

Frank Franco - a few months ago


Martyn Dyson - a few months ago

That's how you make a nice luxury car look tacky as fuck! Give it a gol wrap!!! Shocking choice!! The Ferrari at the beginning was nice in the blue with the silver wheels, if I could ever afford a Ferrari the last colour I'd have would be red, I hate red Ferraris almost as much as a gold coloured car! The exchust was too long for a rear engined car and a mid engined car so that's the lambo's out the McLarens out and porshe so it would have to be a Ferrari for that exhaust, that's the best I can come up with!

Aaron Dunne - a few months ago

The tire didn’t fall off the Tesla. The wheel did. What are you a girl or something???

danny tran - a few months ago


Thats a video - a few months ago


edgar castro - a few months ago

15k to repair

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