#RDBLA, Green Jeep, Green M4, Bentayga Smashed, Starting a custom Mustang Build…

#RDBLA, Green Jeep, Green M4, Bentayga Smashed, Starting a custom Mustang Build…

This Monday:

New Jeep JL gets wrapped in a cool Forest Green Color!

We get a beautiful classic Mustang in for a custom build!

Bentley Bentayga has a fender bender and we repair it back to original!

A previously repaired BMW M4 comes in for a visit.

Moses is turning into a singer…

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Brian Horih - 10 months ago

RDBVic is always pickin on Moses that Mos always doubts what he has done wrong.

James Strand - 10 months ago

Vic you don't have to justify yourself you do well class work World Class Cars as well as base model cars hats off to you

Blake Snelling - 10 months ago

Frenzy Afro - 10 months ago

Moses is just the DUDE 💯👍🏾

VTEC SQUAD - 10 months ago

Great vids as always. Gt500😍. Love from the u.k

Fresh Fraz - 10 months ago

Love it amazing job with Bentley Bentayga

riyaad hinkman - 10 months ago

gone in 60 sec

Josh Winders - 10 months ago

Woah I can't believe you said mustang like that hahahaha

Antonio Ingram - 10 months ago

Back at it again white the dope ass content

Joel Heg - 10 months ago

I'm coming from Australia to come and meet you all next week! Super keen!!!

Abel Vega - 10 months ago

Sad Patiño for this time. Vic stop fuck Moses, you lock stupid when unrespect him.

JAG XGY - 10 months ago

why you don't have the Armenian flag or pictures of the cross in the shop …..Ammout kaiz

skurt - 10 months ago

The shelby mustang is awsome! Yheeezz!

Eugene Holmes - 10 months ago

Will you guys ever go global like east coast it would be cool

BVC Ltd. - 10 months ago

Ben TEE yaaa gah amirite?

Supreme Israel - 10 months ago

i came to this video only for Jeep! 💪💪

Chad D'Boy - 10 months ago

We need more of Moses singing pls 😁😁🤓🤓

MeltedPeanuts - 10 months ago

So weird seeing a versa with a whole bunch of exotic cars. Yet it's awesome y'all do all cars

JamRock Garage - 10 months ago

That green is sexy

Ashik Rahman - 10 months ago

Nice Jeep, Fan Love Bangladesh

Gerbrand van dijk - 10 months ago

One of the dopest yet! love the content, guys, keep it up!

Kirui K - 10 months ago


Helio Duarte - 10 months ago

Suggestion if I may…Please provide as many before and after shots as possible.

For example, it's would have been great to see the before image of the Jeep next to the image of the new wrap!

Great content as always, keep killing it!!

Alex Soliz - 10 months ago

3:52 first thing she did when she moved to Cali was go to rdb that’s right!

Jack Daniel - 10 months ago


Osvaldo Ah - 10 months ago

We want the convertible 4×4 finished

Osvaldo Ah - 10 months ago

Moses the RDB queen 👑

SumikLokk - 10 months ago

Vic likes the Beamer

fuera delaley - 10 months ago

5:53 track pls

813Productions - 10 months ago

I think they are purposely mispronouncing Bentayga to troll us all lol

cromethazine - 10 months ago

What year was that mustang?

The Wedge - 10 months ago

You can order the M4 direct from the factory in Java Green.

moses ezean - 10 months ago

ISO9001 Certified RDBLA 👍🏾

Art Robot - Productions - 10 months ago

delightful, . ///////

Jaime S - 10 months ago

Always Got Me Cracking Up!😂 But Amazed At The Same Time!
Way To Go RDB! 😎

Jo Louie - 9 months ago

How come Youtube hid this video from me. Jerks.

Alexandre Silva - 9 months ago

Hey which song is that at 3:31????? Would like to hear it complete….

[email protected] Marin - 9 months ago

Great show man keep it up 🤙🤙

1313216 - 9 months ago

Fastback N ice tea oh yes

Tech News - 9 months ago

how much does a new fender cost on that bentley?

Brian Jones - 9 months ago

The dude with the bitch tits in the green wrapped BMW was not buff, just bloated

Santi - 9 months ago

Moses saying Lit made my weekend

allan mwaniki - 8 months ago

I rewatch these videos over and over. I like how cool Moses is😂. Good job guys.🙌🏾👍🏾

kobby eghan - 8 months ago

Big ups guys🔥keep it burning

Robert Drayton - 8 months ago

What song is that right after the green Jeep wrap?

Eye Pac - 8 months ago

3:48 What did they say ?

Eye Pac - 8 months ago

In n out is what a Burger is about

David Rocker - 7 months ago

Is that a wrinkle @10:59 ??? Looks dope tho…

Brian D'Amico - 6 months ago

Is that a bubble in the green BMW wrap below the passenger headlight at 10:59?

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