Happy Labor Day!

This Monday we bring you another Rolls Royce but these theme is slightly different with a grey/black look! We also added a really cool pinstripe to match the top.

G63 comes in for a much needed sound upgrade.

The baddest Defender comes in for some repairs.

Pen Wars Round 2. #RDBLA

BR Trigger - last year

id love to know what moses does to that hair every morning he wakes up. #whobrushesbackanymore?…

James Dean - last year

Chris Brown is a fuck head. His car looks like shit too.

Alan DoubleYou - last year

I’m really glad that Chris brown chooses to go to RDBLA but I must be honest.. he got some pretty boring taste for cars and what to do with them..

Mike Guy - last year

So basically G wagons are 1-overpriced anyway and 2 Then you have to spend more money on the sound system cos that's crap to start with?? 😂 😂
P.S There must be no stock Wraiths in LA 🤣 but they look nasty stock anyway.
Great job RDBLA

Drè _ - last year

Yet another Filthy Wraith 🙂 😍😍

Itumeleng Phosa - last year

Never get tired of seeing a wraith on RDB 😻🙌🏽

maniackyjr - last year

“Quítate a la verga” 😂

GN GRAPHICS - last year

Can we have a video where we don't see a 4×4 or a RR? 😉

Harold TheTubeman - last year

nice 4×4 @ red mercedes hahahahahhhahhahaa!!!!

Hart _ - last year

LOL that woman beater again…

robsauce - last year

WOW! That is a nice horn! Right on!

Rafael Vargas - last year

You are the best RDB fuck salomondrin

H Logan - last year

"Another One" DJ Khaled voice

Maxibon #85 - last year

2:15 👋хай Мэн отправь мне свою беззболку 😙

Kristian Matinko - last year

Intro beat name??

Art Robot - Productions - last year

so special,. ////

adrian cort - last year

I got more star struck when I saw your shop then I did seeing Denzel W on his primier.

edgar castro - last year

Hey vic who drives the purple 420

Roger Rolex 69 - last year

Burgundy n Purple crazy ???
Hell Naw more like stupid ass shit more money than sense!!!!!

Collin Ripley - last year

Would love to do some original music for your channel… completely free of royalties. Would love to add some spice to the channel for marketing advantages would love to work with you guys, amazing content, keeps me to my seat. Would love nothing more than an opportunity to work with you guys and would love to do it for free for the advantages of marketing your channel could provide, thank you have a great day. Have over 5000 beats ready for your disposal.

jacob nzioki - last year

1:15 Hello, that looks like a limited edition defender…did you convert it from stock are is it a limited edition from the the factory??

Carlos Makgato - last year

That RR is bananas. That pin stripe, oh my word.

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