We are tearing up Rolls Royce Cullinans everyday! Lots of different configurations and styles coming in future episodes.

Check out this really unique 488 Ferrari!

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editor: @JoeVids #RDBLA

pauluxxo g - 7 months ago

Those green wraps 😍😍😍

S M - 7 months ago

RDB designed Forgiattos?! Would that make you guys…."wheel makers"!? 😉

Abrown4290 - 7 months ago

I need a RDB in South Florida

trzarector - 7 months ago

I think Rolls have a hit with the Cullinan and then people wonder why these high end manufacturers build SUV's!

wabaki4 - 7 months ago

Man those mechanics must make bank a place like rdbla probably charges 120 an hour for labour all those jobs paid in full each guy doing 5 cars a day like 4 5 bands bi weekly

C6Fever - 7 months ago

Moses for president! (like if you agree)

sam9m - 7 months ago

Poor moses. He low key gets bullied lol.

Wyclife Joseph - 7 months ago

300,000 miles holy shit, he was born to drive. probably offroading to countryside to more quiet place every weekend

Simon Neirynck - 7 months ago

Painting the bottom trim in body colour on the cullunan makes it 1000% better looking! Nice work as always!

lamar frazier - 7 months ago

Moses can't even get a haircut in peace 😂😂😂😂

Wyclife Joseph - 7 months ago

Clearly everyone loves worlds most opulent SUV and not worlds fastest SUV, you know what am sayin'

Meanwhile, Moses is the type of guy who eats hair fertilizer just to shave his hair every 4 days.

Random - 7 months ago

Moses is really pissed off

David Ponce - 7 months ago

😎😎😎☝☝☝☝☝☝☝ this shows I was going to be in the morning show they shall beat all the other car shows on here all the stuff they do is totally real working on real vehicles from $5,000 Vehicles $10,000 vehicles 22.1 million-dollar vehicles that's crazy but it's a good shout shout out to the crew and Vic

B3njamins - 7 months ago

Moses should go bald and grow a thick beard

M1xyn - 7 months ago

2561 views 286 likes so far and a milion smiles !!! RDB

Mimoun Azdad - 7 months ago

Can I get 10 likes

Hollywood 80 - 7 months ago

No more rdb paper plates and loud exhaust stupid California laws

JDM n Euro Mossy - 7 months ago

Dame salomondrin must be to busy sueing McClaren and crying on insta to dislike this upload 😂 😂

Mimoun Azdad - 7 months ago

Nice POV!!! Do more of these POV’s

Zxrny 10 - 7 months ago

This POV view is a very good idea!

blue1991dbes - 7 months ago

7:40 mental.

Hot Mike - 7 months ago

Background tracks are dope! …and Moses. Is. The. MAN!!!

J Silver - 7 months ago

I'm waiting to see someone wrap their Cullinan full body colored Silver or all Grey with the 26in RDB wheels and/or Forgi Lavorato (M). 26"s fit perfectly for them as well.

ewald elfering - 7 months ago

Why do you always bullying moses ,the have to putt a big pr ank on you mister 🤣🤣🤣

Brian Brownlee - 7 months ago

Whats that barber's name? I need a cut while I'm in the area

CRU Love - 7 months ago

Here we go…the Culinan “white out” and the Culinan “black out.” Cali luxury car wraps…all the same. The 488 is nice though.

Absolute Zero - 7 months ago

8:54 porno porno

Hellcat707 - 7 months ago

You guys really have upgraded your videos with these GoPros on the cars and on your head

Westerwheely - 7 months ago

#stopmosesabuse lol

Juan Flores - 7 months ago

The beat yall use wen Vic is drivn the 488 is bad ass

Mr. zx10r - 7 months ago

Name of song in intro

Lalo y Los Descalzos - 7 months ago

culminas back bumper look way better original, its a cleaning disaster painted bumpers all the way to bottom, that's why mercedes put stainless steel down there

Hell BuL - 7 months ago

i cant wait to see blacked out cullinan

Charles Tosh - 7 months ago

Man gotta love this team

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