#RDBLA Maybach ComplexCon Crep Protect, Dj Khaled and More

#RDBLA Maybach ComplexCon Crep Protect, Dj Khaled and More

ComplexCon 2018 is here and we have a fun project for Crep Protect/Dj Khaled. We custom wrap a Maybach in a red/white theme to match the booth at ComplexCon.

Lots of miscellaneous work including a BMW M6, Mercedes S63 coupe, Rolls Royce Wraith, Bentley and more!

We also receive a pretty beat up new Mercedes for repairs.

Watch until the end to see what RDBVIK does late nights at the shop!!!

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Vik @rdbvik
Mano @rdbmano
Moses @rdbmoses

editor: @joevids #RDBLA

The Wedge - 8 months ago

thats retarded. who would drive it with that wrap except DJ Khaled lol.

Brody Brody Gross - 8 months ago


Alex Ibarra - 8 months ago

Montana Plates on that White Rolls

MichaelTV44 - 8 months ago

Rappers do not have good taste in cars.

ALi S - 8 months ago

The damage benz from the auction

OJ Whittle - 8 months ago

Vik is a wild man

d0n. - 8 months ago

Moses is a comedy xD

Hollywood 80 - 8 months ago

Dam it Vick working OT cmon 😂

Ryan Taylor - 8 months ago


La Kuan - 8 months ago

Wanted to hear that m6 custom exhaust doughh!!

Ezduztube - 8 months ago

Maybach looks funny. A SUV would of been a better choice for that wrap.

CALI REBUILDABLES - 8 months ago

Is That a copart car at 2:54 ??

Bruce Lee - 8 months ago

LMAO 2:33

Sal P - 8 months ago

6:44 Made my Day!!

Phenom Facemob - 8 months ago

Damn y'all close at 5.. Early

This Guy - 8 months ago

I'm not a fan of those wheels. Even wrapped in white they still look odd.

PokerFaceTV - 8 months ago

That wrap is terrible… but whatever the customer wants.. lol

eddie rivas - 8 months ago

Santos aka vin diésel!!

A Omar - 8 months ago

my homie Moses chillin grippin wood in the Bentley like a boss

12w0 - 8 months ago

shop needs a good cleaning.

Death2Rum - 8 months ago

Chase has a Montana plate and can't pay his taxes…….ahahahhahahahahahahahahahah. trying to act rich

Tactical Tez - 8 months ago

Very good edit lads. Keep it up!

Jose Rodriguez - 8 months ago

I swear I love Moses !!
He is a character!!
He is definitely your eye candy there no homo!

deepak barot - 8 months ago

Rdb is great

HitDaLick - 8 months ago

Maybach would have not looked like total shit if u did the whole thing red with the pattern the white sucks

B. Dawg - 8 months ago

Maybach's ugly imo

Edchelle Du - 8 months ago


mistersteven matthews - 8 months ago

they were yelling LEASE when you guys rolled out of sema.

Muhammad Zahid - 8 months ago

miybach or Maybach 0:08

Muhammad Zahid - 8 months ago

I think vik is drunk at night

randy johnson - 8 months ago

Wish your vids could be 20-30 mins at a time

TraRob-EastSide - 8 months ago

Maybach 😂 yuck

JFreezle360Wizzle - 8 months ago

That I'm Rich bxtch laugh @ 6:45 😂 😂 😂

Sherwyn25 - 8 months ago

Soon as u see Moses holding that wrap we knew he was gonna fuck it up😂

Keepon Groovin - 8 months ago

6:45 rich people laugh!

itz Musawer - 8 months ago

I think this dude needs more space

Gio :c - 8 months ago

Lol the portable vacuum

Jackson Nguyen - 7 months ago

warp quality was nice, the wrap itself however chief, was not it

*GULLYGOD* - 7 months ago

Montana plates r fire boy blac and white

Cameron Kelly - 7 months ago

Chocolate face rolly looking good

Tj Bish0p - 6 months ago

Change the music please

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