#RDBLA Maybach ComplexCon Crep Protect, Dj Khaled and More

#RDBLA Maybach ComplexCon Crep Protect, Dj Khaled and More

ComplexCon 2018 is here and we have a fun project for Crep Protect/Dj Khaled. We custom wrap a Maybach in a red/white theme to match the booth at ComplexCon.

Lots of miscellaneous work including a BMW M6, Mercedes S63 coupe, Rolls Royce Wraith, Bentley and more!

We also receive a pretty beat up new Mercedes for repairs.

Watch until the end to see what RDBVIK does late nights at the shop!!!

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Vik @rdbvik
Mano @rdbmano
Moses @rdbmoses

editor: @joevids

Alan DoubleYou - a few months ago

When it’s Monday and you about to get your dose of #RDBLA 🍿🥤

Asad Ali - a few months ago

Love from Pakistan rdbla

Meekaa-eel Darius - a few months ago

Another one

Anon1993 - a few months ago

RDB videos are the only thing to look forward to on Mondays.

Desi In Cali - a few months ago

VIK at the end had me dying 😂😂

george fourtinas - a few months ago

Rahshid and Dj Khaled ! we the best because we living life

george lambertson - a few months ago

Vik tripping out @ 1:38 A.M.

Art Robot - Productions - a few months ago

splendid, . ///////////

Arcee Custodio - a few months ago

love the lime green style Rolls Royce

XxxTheDRAGMASTERxxX - a few months ago

That "We the best" slogan isnt that the font of batman xD ?

Rahim Amin - a few months ago

Why the red wide body Lambo still there?

danny cortés - a few months ago

México loves rdb 😍

THUG TRASH - a few months ago

Bro I love u and ur channel bro Vik

Red CAmmari - a few months ago

Moses should do his own you tube channel 🙏🏻

Alan DoubleYou - a few months ago

Maybach looks like a Christmas edition..

Burrito Sexy - a few months ago

Saludos desde Argentina!!

Osvaldo Ah - a few months ago

Osvaldo RDB checking in

joseph chop - a few months ago

If the owner is notlzy maybe he could afford the taxes on the rolls in California rather than having a Montana plate

L3ngnd27 - a few months ago

Found this channel about 2 days ago…
Already binged all the videos

Keep em coming

SDBROOKS08 - a few months ago

Anybody know it Will Castro and Remy from Unique Whips are still around???

Cyu Agen - a few months ago

Whenever I see a Montana tag, I laugh now.

PMP1337 - a few months ago

Did Javier get his wrench?

MostHated818 - a few months ago

Pretty sketchy at the end bro.

Playa Play - a few months ago

That Benz is fucked up. I would love to see that restored

133 80 - a few months ago

Come on Mose you know how wrapping works even a house wife can wrap a car.

Peter James - a few months ago

when its no nut November and Moses is testing your patience

Kool.Creation - a few months ago

What's y'all favorite vehicle from this episode?

Kid Dupree - a few months ago

Somebody please take that thing away from Vik. He's addicted! Mano! Save your boy! Lol

Russian Nuke - a few months ago

You should have done a proper continuous wrap. the quaterpanel amd back bumper cut off in between look unprofessional.

Chris723 - a few months ago

Cut the screwing around and show more car content

David Ponce - a few months ago

Wow another dope episode I love that lime green Mercedes beautiful beautiful shouts out to Vick in the crew and don't forget Moses and mono love the show it's the s***😎😎😎

Please Elaborate - a few months ago

Early for once

MrEurohomie - a few months ago

I would love to see and hear more of the M6 exhaust.

David McHardy - a few months ago

Rip Cali street shots

MegaLacedup - a few months ago

that Maybach is fucking gross.

Zak Raja - a few months ago

Vik really a pro on that thing huh, was proper giving me anxiety tho, thought he was gonna nut one of those cars 😬

Jeremy Abraham - a few months ago

you say maybach weird lol

socalisurfer13 - a few months ago

What in the hell did I just watch? That has to be the worlds most expensive Christmas wrapping paper ever. This was obviously not RDBLA’s idea or design because they always pull off the most epic and visually appealing work out there and this wrap was absolutely hideous/borderline comical. It’s pretty sad that this Maybach looks hands down much worse then when they were just fucking around with mello’s 720 and spray painted the shit out of it. As soon as DJ Khaled takes one look at this beater you can guarantee he will say “another one” to get that shit off of the car.

Jo Louie - a few months ago

I bet the customer supplied the printed vinyl. My OCD wouldn't allow it.

Jo Louie - a few months ago


Jo Louie - a few months ago

Vik and Mano don't go to the bar to hangout on weekends. They go to the shop. lulz

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