#RDBLA OLIVE Aventador Impromptu Photoshoot, Performante Custom Exhaust & More!

#RDBLA OLIVE Aventador Impromptu Photoshoot, Performante Custom Exhaust & More!

The Custom OLIVE Green Aventador is finished and looks incredible! We take out it out for some photo’s and get approached by 2 ladies that want to take some photos (literally). This color is just too damn right!

We also give you a taste of our RDB Exhaust on the Performante. Not too loud, not too quiet, just right!!

Mclaren 570S received a new exhaust as well!

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Vik @rdbvik
Mano @rdbmano
Moses @rdbmoses

editor: @joevids

Mike Guy - 7 months ago

Even the Owner of the horrible chrome gold Bentley didn't want to drive it 😂😂 quick get it in the van 🤣🤣

Alex Clarke - 7 months ago

The stance on the lambo is perfect!

deepak barot - 7 months ago

Rdb is great

planet shining - 7 months ago

I hop to work with you really

sam9m - 7 months ago

I'm a simple man, I see ass, I click like.

whoadoe - 7 months ago

jesus christ dude the commentators on your videos are some of the lamest ass dudes the internet has ever come across

David D - 7 months ago

Man remove all the women or get them a burka , we need the car uncovered the women covered ahahaha

legoNerd01245 - 7 months ago

3:25 that E39 😍

Sony Brand - 7 months ago

Those girls are so skinny my god! I need thick girls

Hemi Muscle - 7 months ago


JS Rng - 7 months ago

I recon you guys should make a Twin Turboed Avantador and build it Gymkhana style. Like 1552 wheels, Liberty Walk wide-body, put like massively complicated diffusers instead of the original bumper, and do a red bull livery. and if possible: make the suicide doors very light and fix it so it opens all the time so it looks like it's got Wings* (get it? redbull…?) and won't really break when shredding. Add racing roll-cage inside the car as well, and PLS, handbrake conversion!?! I know this sound like a lot of effort and money but wouldn't it be soooo cool? You might win a SEMA for it 🙂

Frank Franco - 7 months ago

Looks dope wow

laxFOGO20 - 7 months ago

It’s the Oliventador

David McHardy - 7 months ago

If Moses was driving the Lamborghini, he defo would of smashed those 2 girls

Prince Perez - 7 months ago

The Tumb Nail,, Epic

slimeballz - 7 months ago

Ey Moses, you can check out any time you want but you can NEVER leave. 😉😁
Viva RDBLA!!!

David Dobrik - 7 months ago

What camera and lens are you using?

John Richards - 7 months ago

The Aventador lks sick 😩👍

Cyrus Lowan - 7 months ago

Man that McLaren sounds nice

Outkast Racing - 7 months ago

Smfh @ 5:57 nasty ass feet all

over the seats "Your in"

ashystyle - 7 months ago

7:03 when the oil is that far off, you have to actually pressure wash that out of the engine to get out all of the containment residue.

Tream X - 7 months ago

Who's better

Like- Moses
Comment- Mano

Meir Dvir - 7 months ago

We need RDB in New York ASAP!!!!

Bryan White - 7 months ago

The cars are sexier, keep it on them. My girl is the only one I want to see like this

H Logan - 7 months ago


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