#RDBLA PAGANI HUAYRA, CRAZY Spec, Modded RAPTOR, Ferrari Fire, Wraith with RDB Wheels & More!

#RDBLA PAGANI HUAYRA, CRAZY Spec, Modded RAPTOR, Ferrari Fire, Wraith with RDB Wheels & More!

Our Client got his Pagaini Huayra Roadster and we pay a visit to check it out (while picking up another car). See one of the best specced out hypercars ever!

We take a 2018 Stock Raptor and transform it into an amazing looking machine!

Mercedes E class gets a quick wrap.

Ferrari 360 almost catches fire, we come in for the rescue…

Brand New Rolls Royce Wraith received a quick transformation with RDB Wheels!

Andre Gomez - 9 months ago

I live in Phoenix that’s wraith is gonna be here🤗🤗🤗

Flexx. ( ͠°ل͜ ͡°) - 9 months ago

wow these towels lookin awesome 🙂

Jo Louie - 9 months ago

Hmm a Ford Raptor or Toyota Tundra TRD Pro or a custom built lifted GMC

Jo Louie - 9 months ago

Mr. Gatsby? That's a great Dicaprio movie. (I don't read books.)

Jo Louie - 9 months ago

Vik looks surprisingly good in a a Rolls Royce.

Jo Louie - 9 months ago

Yep, those wheels are amazing.

Jo Louie - 9 months ago

Because my friends are all old now with wives and kids all we get to do is meet up once a week for coffee and stand around our cars. Nobody from my generation plays golf or has dinner parties. So getting a wrap done or new wheels or exhaust or something to show off before the next weekend is pretty common.

Jo Louie - 9 months ago

I have friends who buy trucks because they wanted a truck. Then they realize all the stuff they can now do because they have a truck. Unfortunately it often ends up costing a lot more money. HEH

Alan DoubleYou - 9 months ago

Pagani… naah I’m more for the Koeniseg… Swedish beast.

MikeM - 9 months ago

"I think this is the nicest POOgani I've ever seen" – RDBVIK

Akimbo - 9 months ago

You guys should make phone cases

Spurticus Huntimus - 9 months ago

Brow game on point for this one son!

Jesus Aburto - 9 months ago

The only good thing I got from Salomondrin is the introduction to Vik and his Crew!

Art Robot - Productions - 9 months ago

delectable, ./////

Bobby Gilbert - 9 months ago

Great content.

AgentZero1728 - 9 months ago

Send me one micfbr towel vik! 🇵🇭

InTheVaultss - 9 months ago

McVic what up

InTheVaultss - 9 months ago

That’s Mac

Supercar Insider - 9 months ago

Bad bitch went to college, but she's still a thottie. That's the reason I can never trust anybody.

theDARK Pototoy - 9 months ago

Is the Huayra’s 7 speed trans that jerky!? Holy shit… so much wheel spin for 5 feet of travel lol

wabi sabi - 9 months ago


Reece M - 9 months ago

I hate the mirrors on the Pagani

813Productions - 9 months ago

Damn Mr. Gatsby is super paid!

Hendrik Mooi - 9 months ago

Viks haircut is sick

Rupert Migtau - 9 months ago

Cut off this gay Muslim beard

Ryan Small - 9 months ago

Obviously you guys are faithful to your roots and history of the company but I'm shocked you havnt moved into a larger space that's state of the art

Judge Dredd - 9 months ago

Hey Ive decided I want one of those fucking towels. I'm trashed

Abir Mahmud - 9 months ago

Vik should go bald it would bring out his beard more

Abir Mahmud - 9 months ago

I wish they got rid of farshad instead of RDB

NbKXStorm - 9 months ago

God damn, I want that pagani -.-.

Sam Walling - 9 months ago

I personally never loved the stock raptor wheels.

HitDaLick - 9 months ago

0:44 “yeezyly” get on your tailgate

Richard John - 9 months ago

Beautiful spec, finally someone with Taste

HEKTIC458 - 9 months ago

Raptor looks nice

steviewanda - 9 months ago

Let them do there thing stop with the drama with (GAS/RDB/Solomondrin) pointless and stupid

ALEJANDRO GALVA - 9 months ago

damn Gas really sucks ass

joez691 - 9 months ago

I havent followed RDBLA and salomondrin in a while. Wut happened between them?

Tech News - 9 months ago

damn that pagani fire but the doors dont go up

Rap isnotforkids - 9 months ago

Song at the beginning please !

Galih Prabasidi - 9 months ago

Nice Huayra Roadster 👌 my dream car.

Andrew Gonzalez - 8 months ago

Literally sounds like demons are screaming when revving up

MechE184 - 8 months ago

That Ferrari is HURT!

semblp SembIp - 8 months ago

Cool videos as always 👌

the esh wanadon - 7 months ago

That looks late

Tyler M - 7 months ago

Great content! Where do you get your beats from?

Robert Delgado - 7 months ago


Shawn Wood - 7 months ago

How high did you lift the Raptor and what brand lift did you use? Thanks

Paul Letchworth - 7 months ago

Insane wraps👍👍

Aitor Hdz - 6 months ago

The intro broooo

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