#RDBLA Performante Power *color changing* & Vik Gets Married!

#RDBLA Performante Power *color changing* & Vik Gets Married!

On todays episode, we bring to you a Lamborghini Performante that came into the shop for a color change. Also, VIK GETS MARRIED! So Moses and Mano have to hold down the shop duties while Vik is out of town for a little while.

James Schneider - last month

Congrats on getting married Vik! Keep up the great work guys

Watches&Cars - last month

So now she owns half of rdbla ? Damn vick

waitwuttt - last month

i thought vik had a white girl for a second

Keegan Naidoo - last month

What vinyl is this??

lamar frazier - last month

Congratulations vik!

Mahdy Shahbazian - last month

Congrats 🎉🎈🎊🍾 for marriage bro👏💍🙏

Issa Vlog - last month

Congrats VIC I wish you plenty years of marriage filled with good health, love and happiness!

All the best

Abdullah Javaid - last month

God damn gimme that gtr it would be fuckin cheap getting it repaired (correctly) in Pakistan 😂

Erick Espinoza - last month

2:12 I love it!

HKMediaChicago - last month

CONGRATS Vik and fam!

Jay Reid - last month

Big Congratulations Vik you deserve it truly!!!!!

ASAP Tomek - last month

That wedding looked so lit

Javier Díaz - last month

Vik. Every man can say they didn't think that you was the type of guy who would be married, but you are a real men with real responsibilities 🤗💪🤘. I hope you enjoy your marriage

glenn veale - last month

Ah great. Congratulations.

Barrett Johnson - last month

Congrats and many blessings

AD TV - last month

Coolest car channel on YouTube

poppingt4gs - last month

Why wasnt Jenno Wo Netto played at Vik's wedding?!?

Taino SupreMe - last month

Congrats Vik I wish you guys the best God bless.

P.S I was singing along on all the common wedding songs lol JK & busting your stones but on the real it looks like everyone had a great time!

Jonny Villa - last month

Damn! I wish my wedding was that ballin! Congrats, Vik!

green lobster - last month

Where’s vik from?? Really fucking curious… my guess would be 🇹🇷… idk help me

Janoy cresva - last month

my mans vic got a beautiful wife

Markus Stevens aka BIG INFINITE - last month

This wedding will cost u 70k Vik lol

Victor Franco - last month

Congratulations Vik on your Marriage!!!

Visionaire Whipz TV - last month

Goonsquad should cop that GTR

James M - last month

Looked fun !!!

Blessings RDB VIK !!

Khalil.B. Saket - last month

Congrats vik ….👌

THE V.I.C - last month

Did u actually get Sam Smith to sing at your wedding because the vocal was definitely live and sounded like it was coming out of the bands PA system ? Congratulations by the way dude

Ehab Aboud - last month

the music in this video is actually flames

royce washington - last month

Vik should wear a tux in all videos at the shop going foward. With the tux & the beard he looks like a B movie villain. Def bringing my next car to u guys for custom work, keep it up.

Herwig V - last month

Congrats Vik – lots of happyness

Arthur James - last month

Congrats brotha 🇦🇲

Samcrac - last month

Hmmm that GTR has me thinking….

SusloNick - last month

armenian wedding, nice, congrats

Carlos Diaz - last month


shawn white - last month

Send that gtr to goonzquad

Provoth - last month

Pretty “Verde Scandal” colour!

saavaa - last month

Who the fuck changes one tire per axel

Edchelle Du - last month

Congratulations for getting matried Vik!!! Amazing man you are and your team!

Gab Issa - last month

Are they Turkish ?

All In - last month

What music is playing on 7:57 and 12:00 ?

Bruhkis G - last month

Thought this was click bait

Luthfur Rahman - last month

What country is Vik from?

Lawrence McCowan - last month

congrats Vik

Bharat Gupta - last month

Congratulations Vik very happy for you.

Bharat Gupta - last month

Can anyone please tell me what song is going on behind at 7:15

Idk my name - last month


MidiFire - last month

Mozes should either buy a wig, plant hair or go bald tbh.

carlos vasquez - last month

Forgot how amazing your content is. Always been a subscriber but now I’m back full time lol

Levi Goukassian - last month

Moses is fs my fav

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