Our Friendly neighbor Chris, insisted on going for another ride, this time in a tuned Mclaren 720S!

Today we bring you 2 very unique colorful Rolls Royce’s.

First we have a brand new Ghost wrapped in Tiffany green and black. This color really brightens up the Ghost and the two-tone look just looks perfect on it. We will also be adding many colorful graphics on this car for an APP called Datingly. On a previous episode you saw us wrap and Aventador with this company. Stay tuned on the next episode to see both of them done together!

Then we have a brand new Cullinan wrapped in two-tone blue and white. This luxury SUV was specced out for our buddies over at Pink Dolphin. If you know about the brand they are all about colors and wanted something unique done to their new Rolls Royce SUV. This car was also lowered and we also added spacers to achieve a more flush aggressive look!

We also start on a new build, a Brabus G4x4 that will be fully wrapped with stealth peotection film.
Lots of various mechanical and servicing as usual.

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editor: @JoeVids #RDBLA

Random. - a few months ago

Hollyshit 1200 likes and only 9 dislikes!

Alan DoubleYou - a few months ago

That is one lucky neighbor, what more can you ask for. Only the sound would make me satisfied. 👨🏻‍🌾

Ralph Maertens - a few months ago

I wil see a Land Rover Defender !!!

repent now - a few months ago

that's a sick kit on that mclaren and the sound is amazing!

Grat Money - a few months ago

Yo that’s cool you got OG in the whip!!!!!!

Ramapo River - a few months ago

For Valentine's Day get Moses a proper haircut…. it may inspire others who are losing their hair

ALEX - a few months ago

Vic and this old Persian/armanian?dude sidekick is the best shit on YouTube right now….fuck solomdrin..🖕🏼and yea I gave my self a thumbs up…🖕🏼 u too…lmao

Rodd Slip - a few months ago

i see People in Kali love to ride around wit some miscellaneous plate hiding their real license plate. Then komplain when they get pulled over

Hubhawk - a few months ago

Man, that Cullinan looks like it belongs to spongebob squarepants.

Gee Famous - a few months ago

I ain't gay but I still do shit

Degoal Moses - a few months ago

Yall are the Los Santos customs of the real world

CRU Love - a few months ago

You’re gonna give this guy a heart attack.

barn i min källare - a few months ago

3:28 unfortunately it was in iraq

ZMC - a few months ago

That old Italian dude is hilarious

Andy spirit1972 - a few months ago

Don't get what's more fucked up and lacking this week

M3 updates or the shite music choices😂😂

riverfrontdetroit1 - a few months ago

This is the ugliest truck on the planet.

Sam Walling - a few months ago

That color on the 720 👍🔥🔥
I honestly didn't love it for a while I thought it looked good but lately I've fallen in love with them!

Woe Jj - a few months ago

Yall wrong for putting that poor old man in that street jet 😂😂😂😂but i must admit it's funny as hell….. RDBLA is the best in the game…..oh and put white rims on the blue and white rolls truck

peterk814 - a few months ago

Guy in the Toyota is definition of a scumbag

Kev Holi - a few months ago

gonna give Chris a heart attack.

TÙNG PHẠM - a few months ago


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