#RDBLA Police vs. Rolls Royce, Widebody Lambo, lots of Servicing

#RDBLA Police vs. Rolls Royce, Widebody Lambo, lots of Servicing

Police don’t like us washing a car…

Widebody Huracan.

Lots of various mechanical work.

Vik gets a new tow and haunts Moses with it!

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Vik @rdbvik
Mano @rdbmano
Moses @rdbmoses

editor: @joevids #RDBLA

RDBLA - 8 months ago

Thanks for watching as always! We try to bring you REAL shop content including our personal fun moments.

We also realize the wrong vehicle was shown during Moses’s wrench explanation! We work hard to get you guys 2 videos a week and sometimes we get caught slipping! Nothing is scripted and it’s all almost real time!

Phillip - 8 months ago

i8 probably $10k-$15k

David Brown - 8 months ago

HaHa awesome! . More than cool. Quite a family you got there 😉👍👍

na x - 8 months ago

What kind of cars do you guys at the shop own?

Kasey Royster - 8 months ago

Ran a biker over

A Davis987 - 8 months ago

Do the guy on the scooter ever stop playing? Every video that I've watched all he do is play. A little fun is ok but damn when do he stop….very annoying

John Gee - 8 months ago

Do you guys just service exotic cars or any type of cars? Just trying to make a cheap car into a nice project car lol

Los Primos RD - 8 months ago

even the police are burning with their cars‼️‼️🔥🔥🔥💯

Vernard Waldrop - 8 months ago

25k bmw repair

TraRob-EastSide - 8 months ago

5:40 jackass cops giving a red tic

DahProGamer - 8 months ago

oof what happened to that I8

DahProGamer - 8 months ago

how do you have a small bit of land but u can fit so many cars plus I realised I've been watching u for a week and not subbed to you so 😛

DahProGamer - 8 months ago

now subbed

Wallace Pedro Blackwell - 8 months ago

"70,000 " lol

Osamah - 8 months ago

does Vik own RDB ?

Tim Henry - 8 months ago

Damage cost for black BMW…..New Husband. That's how much it cost to fix it. A new husband. Lol👍😁

angry brit - 8 months ago

In Europe can replace full front end of the i8 for £1650

Myballsitchsomethingfierce - 7 months ago

Looks like that BMW was attacked by T-rex

Myballsitchsomethingfierce - 7 months ago

8k for the repair

Gift Khwabi - 7 months ago

Best content ever.

Strange Panda - 7 months ago

Tumbnail look like GTA

KUFI Wick614 - 7 months ago

How much for black rims on the s550 20in?

olo - 7 months ago

9:45 plz get my mans a new phone is that a nokia from 2002? The one with the green background and tetris letters

eddie bulk - 7 months ago


Monte Eggleston - 7 months ago


David Seo - 6 months ago

can yall make a 2019 tacoma trd sport 4×4 look badass if so i will come to yall over platinum

Kyle Stewart - 6 months ago

Power Washing a Rolls Royce lmao dumbasses

Jesus Vazquez - 6 months ago

In the beginning of the video your stopped blocking traffic, bitch I would rammed your ass and turned that lambo into a pancake 🥞

madbusters 2003 - 6 months ago


Ryan Fick - 6 months ago

Does anyone know why rdb doesnt get a bigger facility so they don’t have to wash cars on the street?

Masari Tube - 6 months ago

that chick with the beemer had a beautiful pussy…..damn

Gary Williams - 6 months ago

Keep the videos Coming RDBLA!!!😎

noe hernandez - 6 months ago

Had to subscribe lit video with lit cars 🚙 voom voom

Manuel Medrano - 6 months ago

Repair cost that ass

bigpuff714 - 6 months ago

@RDBLA can you guys train me to be a mechanic?

illegal pharmacist - 6 months ago

these are the type of people who thinks they're cool. just cause you are friendly and the cops are friendly doesnt mean you have the right to park on the red line.

KLEANTRIX - 6 months ago

Bro the thumbnail looked like a Grand Theft Auto gameplay screenshot.

Bobby Lee - 6 months ago

I wish I was rich

Teresa Navarro - 6 months ago

you need new location for your cars boy's. …that's will help you grew in this business. …

Kaito Alexander - 6 months ago

35k on the i8

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