It’s SUV season or should we say Cullinan season? We are currently working on 4 Rolls Royce Cullinans and completed 1 that we showcase here. This SUV’s unfortunately come odd looking but RDB is here to change that!

Lots of various mechanical work included as usual (or Moses would get upset).

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Faizul Salim - last week

was sooo…. waiting for this after the last video… kudos

Most Likely - last week

Nice 💵💵💵💵💵💵

cokpeotfg4 fcdck - last week

ugly and looks cheap ghetto af

H Logan - last week

Dope af
I’m more of a liberty lambo guy myself though 😂

cokpeotfg4 fcdck - last week

from luxury classy suv to a ghetto slum drug dealer looking car

Buzzworth Lightsnack - last week

its Meg Ryans rolls

bibin philip - last week

1:06 I see that you hired Dominic Torreto

Blair Aquilia - last week

Absolutely beautiful lowered, white matched RR C

BIGBOY BIGTOYZ - last week

Cullinan looks siikkkk👍🏻👍🏻

Merf f - last week

Cullinan looks like a funeral car

LASTpair - last week

RARI sounded horrible!! That fluttering noise or w/e the hell that was. 🤢 🤮

Vagabundo - last week

Damn, Cullinan looks so fucking bad…. Especially in the front. No idea why people even spend money on that shit 🙂 New Phantom is a different story, RR somehow menaged how to make it sexy (still hope for Coupe version <3 ) But Cullinan looks like a chinese bodykit for old Range Rover. Big wheels change it a little bit but you cant do much if a car looks like that.

Tore Hansen - last week

Why buy a SUV, then lower it?

ashystyle - last week

I'm sorry but you cannot lower the Cullinan, just cannot! It looks like a dog doing number 2.

ashystyle - last week

Also, the toe/camber will be different once you lower it.. so it will eat those tires uneven depending on which mode you are running on.

forthe LAKERSfam - last week

Yeah man I’m reading all these comments and that shit looks like a weak as Lincoln

Court Wofford - last week

Gucci Mane’s wife has the BEST LOOKING CULLIAN

Wyclife Joseph - last week

if wishes were horses, i would ride in all those royce, i cant imagine owning 3 rrs damn!

Jonathan - last week

looks great….idk why peoploe hate on cars they cannot afford

CWGriswald1492 - last week

Maybe its different in person but i like the one with the black accents more. Maybe doing a shiny black over the plastic would look good?

BIG J - last week

Props to Rolls Royce for actually selling that pos funeral car suv so damn well

Can do Life - last week

So when's Stevey wonder picking up his Rolla!!!

Mw carsouw - last week

does anyone know the name of the beat @ 8:40 ?

David Zafra - last week

people buying cullins like nutss

TreeMeister - last week

lol the stock black yukon looked ten times better than all of those Cullinans

CarsGuns&Freedom - last week

Idk cullinan looks fugly

Timbs and Kneepads - last week

RDBLA does it again, Cullinan setups are looking crazy

V Flo - last week

What do you guys think about the California exhaust law ?😫

EZ theVetteMan - last week

How fun it’s to get a car for service or wrap and drive the shit out of it…

Not really, I wonder what the owners of the cars thinks about that.

Shawn Paradox - last week

What would you have instead of the cullinan?

NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes - last week

you do know that rolls royce would do whatever you want to the car when you buy it new .

c sharp - last week

you ruined an innocent car, let it make a statement for its self

Stephon - last week

That thing looks sexy when it’s in motion

Most-Hated-Inc - last week

RDBLA vids are funny. They start off by reminding me that I'm poor and that I'll never have shit, indirectly of course. But by the end, I feel better because at least I'm not being abused like Moses.

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