More Rolls Royce Cullinans!

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nlSpiller - 4 weeks ago


Asad Ali - 4 weeks ago

Love from Pakistan man

nawwal zaharan - 4 weeks ago


Chief G. - 4 weeks ago

Another epic rain-soaked RDBLA upload. Love your work and content guys. Stay real!

Navjot Singh - 4 weeks ago

Hey 2nd

Andre Gomez - 4 weeks ago

That 2 tone cullinan is beautiful😍😍😍😁😁😁

J - 4 weeks ago

for signature move …you shouldve done his number only, somewhere. but in purple n gold. RDB TOUCH👌

Jurre Tiel - 4 weeks ago


Stez - 4 weeks ago


Mark Jackson - 4 weeks ago

Rev real dope body shop. I can’t wait to bring my huffy in to get it wrapped

Thump 272 - 4 weeks ago

I'll c you soon Moses, glad I'm born and raised in Cali!!!!!

jazzi24881 - 4 weeks ago

Vic and the crew are the best but i hate when you have to take the new car apart for the wrap and i would do it but still would hate it lol

сука блять - 4 weeks ago

Love seeing these "Ye, my hubby's a millionaire" royces

MaxSpeed - 4 weeks ago

Cullinans are sick but the urus tho 👀

M1xyn - 4 weeks ago

RDB from CULLINAN to COROLLA , every car deserves a chance :)))

igrvks - 4 weeks ago

One day you guys will be at your custom built facility looking back at this video and the time you were in this really cramped open yard working in the rain.

yaya zeze - 4 weeks ago

Im in saudi arabia how can i have forgiato wheels ?

MadZac - 4 weeks ago

What’s a rough estimate for how much RDB charges for wraps?

DannyBoy - 4 weeks ago

Cullinans are hideous, but they have great interior.

Rolex Collector - 4 weeks ago

Wrap solomondrin Sena also.
Galpin is shitttt
Hopefully he doesn't sue u also. He's broke. Suing everything that moves

Trevor Duncan - 4 weeks ago

It was storming yesterday in Nor Cal also

Ybrev - 4 weeks ago

So I asked my Cullinan man "Why is there black plastic around the bottom" the guy says to me "It's an offroad vehicle and when off-roading you don't want these parts to be painted. Black plastic is cheaper to repair and replace." so I said "are you on drugs?"

Shreyas Sreedhar - 4 weeks ago

Just out of curiosity, with exposed parts of cars, won't rain affect anything inside? Like the wires or some internal parts?

wahid chowdhury - 4 weeks ago

Videos kinda getting boring

Cynthia Ramirez - 4 weeks ago


phillylove39 - 4 weeks ago

I love the fact that you guys work on any and every kinda of car on the market. And you do great work. Love this show.

Judge Dredd - 4 weeks ago

I did wall sits yesterday and I’m a fuckin pussy right now. Also leg extensions, squats and trx squats. Vroom vroom

OMG 420 - 4 weeks ago

Cullinans are Rolls fat sister…
Big beautiful and more to love 😁

Simo Lajustice - 4 weeks ago

nice playlist btw

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