#RDBLA – Rolls Royce Dawn Transformation, LA Auto Show, Aventador Sounds and More!!

#RDBLA – Rolls Royce Dawn Transformation, LA Auto Show, Aventador Sounds and More!!

RDBLA Weekly Video Drops!

42 hour Rolls Royce Dawn Transformation.

We Visit the LA AUTO SHOW.

Aventador Exhaust Mischief!

Karim Sadouni - 8 months ago

So why company. No fixing those problems or they have to pay

Александр Старков - 8 months ago

i saw u in Russian​ YT blogger

ghost ghost - 8 months ago

Admin mother fucken

Shakeim Williams - 8 months ago

Cool bro

Field - 8 months ago

Clickbaiting cunts

Lisa Naga - 8 months ago

Wow so beautiful i like it…

Chinu Chinu - 8 months ago

Very very very super car

Chinu Chinu - 8 months ago

I love that car

Scott Patterson - 8 months ago

Forget the Rolls. How much for the beard?

Dimitrios Dimas - 8 months ago

fuck didnt know monster had gasoline in it that it no more monster.!!

Jose Duran Jr - 8 months ago

If I wS was rich please redo my 1992 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special in firemist sapphire blue and keep the guiguaro 22-way leather seats soft

Joaquin Canals - 8 months ago

Keep doing this and the City will impose a sound ordinance and ruin it for everyone. NO BUENO!

Giddy God - 7 months ago

Monster 👹

Mehboob a saify - 7 months ago

Very nice

Nguyễn Hoàng Dung - 7 months ago

Xe đẹp

ADRIAN NYONI - 7 months ago

wow this is lit

محمد الموسوي - 7 months ago

شكد سعره

Chú Hề [Nam09] - 7 months ago

Roll royce rất đẹp

top king - 7 months ago

No m

thon chrouk - 7 months ago

Nice car AMEN it is my dream

Joey Nice - 7 months ago

As far as 15 Aventadors…..it's THE ONE.

오세기 - 7 months ago


캣피 - 7 months ago


Fábio Franco - 7 months ago

Prá esses caras dinheiro é mato

city taxi - 6 months ago

this is so 2015

Di Wu - 6 months ago


Family Kids Toys - 6 months ago


Entertainment world - 6 months ago


Entertainment world - 6 months ago

I like your all videos. I will join with your company. I like modification cars and bikes

Kahha Kolo - 6 months ago

Come on give more subscribe

عبود الأمير - 6 months ago


سعيد الشمراني - 6 months ago

عندي بخشه

Jashobanta Pradhan - 6 months ago

I would leave the fkng world for a ride in that lambo man…

Gonzalo Morales - 6 months ago

Entre a ver el carro de portada pero me di cuenta que es cabeza de roys y culo de lambo …jakajaajaja

Kier H Reyes - 6 months ago


As YouR Wish - 6 months ago

Kinda over acting

Илья Белов - 6 months ago

music very very bad choice///trend trend ерунда полная

Marcelo Morais - 6 months ago

Very biautfu

Mini Max - 6 months ago


mohan kumar Mamu - 6 months ago

No ground clearance waste car in india

Michael Heider - 6 months ago

Sorry but it sounds like there is something wrong with the car

twas brillig - 6 months ago

How to be successful? have GREAT EYEBROWS!

BEN BEN - 6 months ago

Toooo fucking loud!

DaGhost99 - 6 months ago

Love the way you drive the Lambo like its yours, revving the crap out of it and dragging at every stop light. If that was my car I'd be pissed! If someone is paying you for work to be done and leaves their car in your possession, drive it like its theirs and not yours!

Dura Pyrex - 6 months ago

wtf is ur music choice are you a 13 year old whos discovered skrillex

Wyclife Joseph - 6 months ago

now, thats how to pick up a pretty lady without saying a word or even breathing out

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