2 Awesome Transformations today!

Rolls Royce Drophead Phantom gets color changed! We all love the “Nardo Grey” Color and now we do it on a BIG Phantom!

Another Mclaren 720S Comes in for a completely custom wrap and full exhaust system!

FLIXXE - 7 months ago

What the fck – A Abarth with a Automatic … WHY ?

legoNerd01245 - 7 months ago

I think the only person watching this that has a 720 is Alejandro…

Haters I love them - 7 months ago

He needs to stop driving people cars like that

poodcuds poo - 7 months ago


Victor Ulgenes - 7 months ago

Moses is the true firepower

B. Dawg - 7 months ago

Better than #Salomondrin. That has become everything but a car channel

Rajat Kaushik - 7 months ago

Mac laren 720 s 👌

Saud - 7 months ago

holy shit Moses take a chill pill with the throws you should of been a quarterback with that arm

Maciey Kozłowski - 7 months ago

Every time I hear ANOTHER ONE I think dj khaled

Youngone1534 Young - 7 months ago

The drophead needs some 24 inch RDB wheels lowered with spacers.On to the next one!

glenn veale - 7 months ago

Having watched most of RDBLA`s vlogs I`d just like to ask one thing. Please list on each vlog the tunes. Cheers!

Dr_N - 7 months ago

Lucky . Ass . Boyfriend.

Grant Harley - 7 months ago

Was it just me or were they in the convertible 4×4 when they were filming the 720?????

Ashik Rahman - 7 months ago

Let… -.. Screwdriver.!. .!. Rot iN Hell………….

Ashik Rahman - 7 months ago

Make MClaren 720 Louder

Rahul Kanthariya - 7 months ago

love this phantom color

ron Therealtor - 7 months ago

Hey what about Salamo…….

Enrico Filippi - 7 months ago

You must be really retarded to "play" with your friends and colleagues by throwing pens at each other. Haven't seen anyone doing it since I was in elementary school.

MP - 7 months ago

Subscribed to your channel last night and damn, your work is outstanding! Keep it up Vik and RDB team!

Muñoz Transport - - 7 months ago

Great video!!
Year model is the Rolls Royce?

Alan DoubleYou - 7 months ago

Another epic show!

desertfox1792 - 7 months ago

8:30 x1.5 speed, Moses was a machine gunner / sniper in his past life lol

Angel Montelongo - 7 months ago

Did anyone notice that was salomondrins 720 s ?

Art Robot - Productions - 7 months ago

there you go another beautiful day in L A ,. ////

Through My Eyes - 7 months ago

It's all fun and games until a pen hits the eyeball!!!

Shakeem Kash - 7 months ago

that wrap on the 720s is fucking sick bruh!

StreetSmart - 7 months ago

are you guys also shipping wheels to Amsterdam ?

Viktor Gebbeken - 7 months ago

Does Anyone know how the song at the beginning is called?

Ashy Gee - 7 months ago

The A-Pillar should have been gloss black, Great job overall RDB!

Pagz777 - 7 months ago

Damn Moses is really whipping those pens

TekGeekHD - 7 months ago

Today I saw the vengeance in Moses' eyes.

BY EMS DIRECTOR - 7 months ago


David Rocker - 7 months ago

You all need goggles for the pen fights… Whew!

Burnout Films - 7 months ago

Never realized how ugly stock Roll's wheels were

Burnout Films - 7 months ago

Damn now I gotta move to Utah if they all look like that

Hector Jr - 7 months ago

Poor Rolls.. looks so cheap. Not saying you guys did a bad job, but the taste of the customer. Great job guys….

Marius Andersson - 7 months ago

RDB is the only company (that i know off) that takes the cars for a test drive after a wrap…

Dũng Triệu Tấn - 7 months ago

Awsome service

Chris Gilliam - 7 months ago

.48 what is he doing with that phone #deadass

GIOGIO - 7 months ago

When you come back from vacation and start an RDBLA marathon… YEAHH

J Bettis - 7 months ago

Not the face! Not the face!
HP and Torque numbers after exhaust mod?

Skepple Inc. - 7 months ago

Great job on the install of the McLaren guys!! Turned out beautiful!

93 Octane - 7 months ago

lol the heat shields are broken in huh?

FJ707 - 7 months ago

man yaw making the pen manufactures hella money love it

Zach F daily vlogs - 7 months ago

I wish you guys left the drophead phantom dark grey with the aluminum hood and didnt wrap the hood and other aluminum it looked pretty cool

Blood & Sweat. NO tears! - 6 months ago

Question. How long does it take to wrap up a car

rocky shaw - 6 months ago

Loose the pen fights, everything else greatest.

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