Featuring custom RDB WHEELS!
Novitec Suspension.

Henrique Santana - last month

3:21 BR Funk Track, haha.. greaaat !

Scott Macleod - last month

Blue cause like the colour better but main reason is that u do not quite notice the lines as much at the front but on the red they stand out more but that's most likely just due to the colours but also to amazing builds

Just Chilling - last month

It looked better stock

H Logan - last month

And it isn’t close

RebeccaBlackVideos - last month

lol rip that paint is so much darker

Minde66 o - last month

now painted parts color doesnt match. Not good 🙂

Santi - last month

I think I would shit myself cutting a Ferrari

Dariel Cruz - last month

What can’t marshmello do??

Jose Briseno - last month

Marshmallow edition Ferrari

Marlon Rodrigues - last month

It's very good to see you using some of the funk in the video of you … very good, I'm BRAZILIAN and I really liked the style of filming you …
Sorry for my English, it came from google translator kkkkkk

Artur Okrutniak - last month

“Moral Support” at 5:38 !!! Hahaha !!!

Luis Jimenez - last month

idk about perfect that paint match off

Floemperd Bf4 - last month

Hahaha that beard too under the mask of mellow !! xD

Mr. America - last month

Why on earth would ruin a Ferrari like that?

Engel Fernandez - last month


Spencer Smith - last month

Both look amazing! Great job and awesome video 🔥

SPIRIT01 - last month

Value just went down if you ever sell it

SPIRIT01 - last month

Hey marsh when we going to colab again lol

Jynx - last month


jpape42 - last month

I’m not usually into Ferrari’s but this is a gorgeous car. Great job on the color match and silver rims are easily > black for this color. Perfect rim design as well.

deezznts - last month

That blue is dead sexy on that car. Beautiful job on that Ferrari.

DEADHYPE - last month

"One of the first turbo engine Ferraris" yeah nevermind that the 208 GTS Turbo came out in 1982… not to mention the 288 GTO and F40 that came soon after.

Ronald Mccrary - last month

You guys are amazing and the cars you guys work on look amazing keep up the great work .

Ryan II - last month

Le Mans Blue + Silver wheels = Perfection

Wejaduke - last month

when you have lots of money and cheap tastes man ew

HEKLA MASTER - last month

How much is this car?

Gabe Shootman - last month

Always hate the weak donuts that supercars do. I want to see perfect circles on that pavement!

Benjamin Hernández - last month

Great job guys. Name for those wheels please

Cliff P - last month


Thomas R - last month

''One of the first turbo engined ferraris'' Yeah because there totally weren't 3 turbocharged ferraris models made in the 1980's

GL GAMING - last month

0:01 do you guys notice Logan Paul’s yeti is behind the ferrari

Jose Lopez - last month

I liked the Le Mans Blue

I am Replenished - last month

Black forgis look better on this car than the silver ones imo

oplix - last month

I love both

Hichigo111 - last month

looks like a liberty walk build

Joe L - last month

Please stop doing the LIBERTYWALK body kits, they look ugly.

Number 9 Large - last month

Managed to make a 488 look tacky… Good job

Ju Sang Yoo - last month

Marshmello gain a bit of weight

VyperVPN - last month

Poor 488 Ferrari just got RAPED #metoo

Jure Smole - last month

Dude one of the first Ferraris turbocharged engine??? What was F40, 288 GTO and California T???? Not to mention even older models…

Jure Smole - last month

BTW the 488 looks awsome!!! Great job

Jonah McDowell - last month

A Ferrari with no carbon??? That is a sin.

Nick Smith - last month

Delicious !

Влад Абрамов - last month

how are these 5 spoke black RIMS called ?

Isaac Zarayan - last month

The car looks awesome. But I dont like the way you treat it while building it.

darkside1473jd - last month

They both look good so it's a draw

Mr. Felipe - last month

Amazing cars and nice project have you guys done.

Jose Torres Garcia - last month


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