#RDBLA WIDEBODY C63S AMG, Lamborghini URUS, Tesla Model 3 & More!

#RDBLA WIDEBODY C63S AMG, Lamborghini URUS, Tesla Model 3 & More!

Lamborghini Urus front clear bra protection.

Tesla Model 3 Blacked out.

And the special feature Widebody C63S Mercedes-Benz! This car is very special as it’s a full makeover that turns this little guy into a monster.

Prior Design Widebody kit
Custom Hood (made by RDBLA)
Carbon Fiber Spoiler
Zito Wheels
H&R Suspension
Full Wrap

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Vik @rdbvik
Mano @rdbmano
Moses @rdbmoses

editor: @joevids

DivineThirdAge - 6 months ago

That c63 looks sick, nice work guys

Ashish Patel - 6 months ago


Mike Gazanchyan - 6 months ago

Merc Looks good but where’s the wide rear tire ?

Ashish Patel - 6 months ago

Meh to the Audigini.

ytown1987 - 6 months ago

Thumbs up to the thumbnail before video even starts

Furzze - 6 months ago

Next time when you edit shots of the sound of the cars, please lower down the music volume. Great video tho!

Hot Mike - 6 months ago

Ok…how y'all just gonna gloss over NOT mentioning that Bentley Mulsanne 2 door coupe 3:52 …because…there ain't such a car, far as I know! Who custom designed that?!?! SO. DOPE!

Spazik86 - 6 months ago

What is that liquid they put under clear bra? Is that some kind of glue, or?

john lenin - 6 months ago

yep yep yep we’ll have that c63

o shit wrong channel

Christos Bessis - 6 months ago

It’s Gloss black Mano at least act like you work there bruh

Alan DoubleYou - 6 months ago

Whoop whoop!!! Finally It’s Monday 🍿🍿

David Smith - 6 months ago

Watching this before work lol

jumo ga - 6 months ago


badianguine diarre - 6 months ago

black series like

gabimario11 - 6 months ago

Omg that footage is awesome

Brotus_Tauri - 6 months ago

Amazing work RDBLA 👌🏼 Can't wait to see a customer with a huracan, get the prior design widebody on their car.

Art Robot - Productions - 6 months ago

adorable ,. /////

Fusion Beat - 6 months ago

Never left porn so fast keep it up rdbla

VantaBlacked - 6 months ago

Man this is some insane work. I would love to bring my 5.0 over someday!

Zair - 6 months ago

is that marshmallows 488

Alan DoubleYou - 6 months ago

03:22 that Tesla need windows tint ASAP

06:22 that Urus need full ARMYTRIX exhaust upgrade, forgiato wheels and a 2 tone wrap… now we talking.

Frank Eichhorn - 6 months ago

That C63s definately needs an aftermarket exhaust!🔥

adrian hurtado - 6 months ago

Mmmm sooo good!!!

TheBandMan - 6 months ago

u all sure took your sweet time today lol, fr tho these videos are my motivation

Alan Chung - 6 months ago


Verby D - 6 months ago

Lord Aleem will love that C63

Saabastian A - 6 months ago

Quality editing as always

John Cunningham - 6 months ago

Hey Vik, please don't be angry with me, but you have to stop pronouncing Urus like Porker does! He's a fucking idiot and you are not. It's pronounced 'ooorus'. And not a word about the Ares Design Coupe Bentley Mulsanne??? We need to see more of it!

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