Uncrate x Ronin 47 Motorcycle Release

Uncrate x Ronin 47 Motorcycle Release

Adding to its lineup of exclusive products, Uncrate recently tapped Ronin to build a new range of blacked-out 47 Motorcycles. Designed by the online buying guide, the motorcycle features a satin black airbox cover that matches the black paint found on the front and rear main springs, front fork links, and subframe. Continuing the black theme is a Smoke gray taillight lens, anodized billet parts from vintage racers, muffler endcaps and exhaust. Accompanying the sleek look is a 130 horsepower rear-wheel drive that pushes a top speed of 160 MPH. Priced at $46,000 USD, the blacked-out Ronin 47 Motorcycles are available now on Uncrate. In case you missed it, IKEA’s Future Living Lab reveals its self-driving car project.

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