World’s First SolarImpact Electric Yacht

World's First SolarImpact Electric Yacht

Whereas most boats run on diesel engines to kick off propulsion and electricity for its vessel, a sleek new boat is doing away with burning gas and looking towards the sun for a long ocean cruise. Meet the SolarImpact Electric Yacht, a boat that is equipped with a slew of roof-mounted solar panels and batteries to journey the seas in the greenest way possible. Not only is it futuristic-looking on the exterior, but it’s also fitted with AI-loaded functions allowing for just a single captain on the controls. There are 2,400 livable square feet of space that allows up to ten guests in its four double guest rooms and master suite. Peep the SolarImpact Yacht above and let us know your thoughts. In other automotive stories, Porsche recently unveiled its updated 935s model at the Rennsport Reunion.

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