Connection To The Art- Cecilia Okoye

As people, we have our own interpretation of how we view life, music, art, or love. Once in a while there will be an individual that will go above and beyond of expressing themselves. About a few weeks ago, the Rarenorm team discovered a young talented artist named Cecilia Okoye. One of Cecilia’s most notable work was a painting of musician J. Coles song “No Role Modelz” in which in his lyrics he refers to Nia Long and other female celebrities. She made those lyrics become visual in a video that has gone viral all over Facebook. Cecilia is one of a kind, her work is meaningful and symbolic. The most important thing to remember is that artists like Cecilia have a way of bringing like minded people together and admiring the beauty of a masterpiece. It was our pleasure to have interviewed Cecilia, read what she had to say.

Who are you?

Cecilia Okoye from Mansfield, TX


 What inspired you to become an artist?

What inspired me the most was just the process of creating art and the joy I feel while creating.


 Besides being an artist, what other interests do you have?

I’m interested in Basketball just as much as art I would say.

 How did you get inspired to draw J.Cole’s lyrics from “No Role Modelz” in which he references Nia Long, Lisa Bonet, Sade Adu, and Aaliyah?

It honestly just came to me when I was listening to the song in my car, I was trying to figure out what my next project should be and when I was brainstorming while driving, the song came on, then it just clicked.


Out of all your work, do you have a favorite piece that you’re most proud of? If so why?

The one I’m most proud of is my kid and play art, because that was my first acrylic painting I tried and completed.


Describe your perfect day

My perfect day is a day full of laughs and no worries


 When people see your work, what you want them to get out of it?

I want them to feel some type of connection to the art and I feel that can be achieved by watching the process of the creation, which is why I like making art videos.