Cuban Vaccine Cimavax Could Cure Lung Cancer

Globally, cancer accounts for high number of deaths and an expensive costs for many families and the government. President Obama the first president of The U.S to visit the Island of the Castro’s, in 90 years. Apart from Obama having a good time watching a baseball match in the country, he is coming back with something every American will be grateful for. Thanks to Obama, there are hopes for there are possibilities of clinical tests for CimaVax.

CimaVax is a both a treatment and a vaccine for lung cancer that’s been researched and used in Cuba for 25 years. How the drug works is that it induces the patient’s body to build antibodies against Epidermal growth reason receptor; a growth reason that shows cancer cells such as lung cancer cells make.


So far, CimaVax has successfully been used in over 5,000 patients worldwide with great results. The drug is not only very cheap as it is available for $ 1 dollar a shot, but research has also shown that there are no significant side effects reported from use of the drug.

This is a great discovery by Cuba that U.S cannot afford to miss, going by the fact that lung cancer has remained an issue for the state of America.

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