10 Super Awesome Room Ideas For Boys

When we were kids, our bedrooms were pretty barren compared to some of the truly inspiring rooms that some kids have today. Back when we were young, we were lucky to have a desk in the corner with a rolly chair and some cool posters on the walls. In today’s world some children have bedrooms that would marvel our wildest dreams as kids. Here are 10 super awesome room ideas for boys that we would have gone crazy for when we were young:


 Source: helpinghandshomeimprovement.com

1. Space lovers dream

The only thing not outside of the stratosphere in this kids room might be the carpet, because everything else is out of this world. Any boy that’s got a thing for space travel or the planets would love this idea.

(helpinghandshomeimprovement.com is great for ideas to get you inspired on all things home improvement.)

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