15 Festive Popsicle Stick Ornaments

The holiday season is upon us, and with that, ample time to make beautiful memories with your children. I love crafting with my daughter because only do we get to spend time in the moment, but we get to create something that we can always look back on with nostalgia. A wonderful way to show some festive Christmas spirit is to make ornaments! Sure, you can buy your own, but making them with your kids will bring years of happiness every time you bring out the Christmas decorations. We’ve gathered some awesome popsicle stick ornament ideas that will keep your kids happy and your tree looking beautiful!


Source: GingerSnapsNCrafts.com

1. Simple Christmas Tree

This design is so easy and is easy for little fingers and hands. You can help the kids glue their painted sticks together, and then give them some glue and buttons to decorate on their own. It’s a lightweight ornament that brings some wonderful color to your tree. It would be a great teacher or grand parent gift too!

Check out GingerSnapsNCrafts.com for a super simple tutorial on making your own popsicle stick Christmas Tree ornament!


Source: FabDIY.com

2. Snowflakes

Kids love to make snowflakes out of paper but those can make messes fast. You can use popsicle sticks to make ornaments for your tree or to serve as holiday decor for your mantle or wall. Glue the sticks in whatever design you want and paint in festive colors. Easy!

Head over to FabDIY.com for even more tips on everything DIY!

DIY Stable Ornament

Source: AdventuresOfADIYMom.com

3. Stable

The nativity scene is often center stage during the holidays, and you can incorporate it easily into your tree without having the full cast of characters. With a little cutting of your craft sticks you can fashion a simple stable to represent the reason for the season. It’s cute and looks just handmade enough that others will know you and your kids put it together.

Be sure to visit AdventuresOfADIYMom.com for an easy, step-by-step tutorial on making your own stable!

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