15 Wonderful White Kitchens

Every so often I allow myself to dream of brighter days, ones that involve remodeling my small 1990’s style kitchen. Living in Southern California pretty much means that if your house was built in the 90’s, you’re guaranteed to have plenty of honey oak cabinets and even more white, tiled countertops. The oak cabinets instantly date your kitchen and the white tile and grouted counters are difficult to keep clean. Even if your kitchen is decades older than mine, chances are you dream of one day ripping out that formica and laying down a slab of gorgeous quartz. White kitchens are growing ever popular for their timeless design, and I’ve rounded up some of my favorites for you to oogle and drool over. Enjoy!


Source: HomeBunch.com

1. Mini White Subways

In addition to my fascination with white kitchens, comes my love of subway tiles. Even if you don’t have a modern home design, subway tiles can be easily integrated to bring a fresh look. I love these non-traditional mini white tiles. It brings texture and design to this simple design.

You’ll find tons of other great interior design ideas over at HomeBunch.com!


Source: CarlaAston.com

2. Traditional White With Open Shelving

Open shelving is another design feature that’s growing in popularity. While the cabinet design in this kitchen is very traditional, this room has been modernized by the use of darker hardware and open shelving, where you can display your (white) dinnerware. It’s further warmed up by the use of the beautiful countertop that contrasts wonderfully with the stark white.

Check out even more “before and after” pics of this beautiful kitchen at CarlaAston.com.


Source: Lonny.com

3. Metal Accents

The misnomer about white kitchens is that everything needs to be white, and that’s just not true. This kitchen highlights brass hardware over a simply stunning apron sink. I’d never complain about doing dishes if I could do them in this sink!

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