5 Creative Arts & Crafts Rooms For Kids

As someone who is almost completely right-brained, I have a strong bias for creativity. It’s something I’ve considered one of my strengths my entire life, and something I hope my children develop a strong aptitude for. Whether it’s through music, drawing or fashion, the ability to express oneself creatively is an essential part of the human experience. I started showing an interest in performing when I was three years old, began piano lessons at age 10, and went on to study music, earning my Bachelor’s degree in vocal performance. Today, I am a professional writer and fashion blogger, and I can’t help but credit my creative background with getting me here.

All that being said, I love the idea of creating a space for children that allows them to use their imaginations. No matter what their artistic interests are, having an area where they can freely express themselves with pride will help them gain confidence. It will also help you feel less stressed because you won’t have to worry about craft supplies being strewn across your house. (Ok, maybe you’ll find a few, but for the most part, this area will stay organized.) Take a look at these totally fun arts & crafts rooms, and maybe your creative juices will flow, giving you inspiration for creating a space for your little Picassos!

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1. Rainbow Room

Alright, maybe I love this room because of the rainbow theme, but it’s perfect for kids with the bright colors and fun details! Painted mason jars give the space a youthful vibe and can double as storage for art supplies.The rainbow storage cart is fun and functional, and the decorative sign is the perfect detail for tying everything together. This is seriously my dream arts & crafts space! But I know kids would have a blast creating in this room.

Get more details about this art area by visiting OOLY.

source: The Imagination Tree

2. Gallery Wall

One way to make your child’s art area even more special is to display their work on the wall. A gallery of their framed creations will make them feel so proud and will make the space more balanced. The small table and artist easel provide easy to access resources for your children, so they can paint, draw or craft with little supervision.

Head over to The Imagination Tree for a closer look at the details of this art area.

source: Persia Lou

3. Clipboard Display

The focal point of this art area is the display of clipboards on the wall. They can hold your child’s artwork and also act as wall decor. With a little touch of DIY, you can make the clipboards more visually appealing, so when there is no art to display, the wall still looks nice. The simple and creative way the supplies are hanging from the rod on the wall makes this a kid-friendly place that is easy to keep organized. Those chairs are totally cool and add a nice pop of color to the room.

Learn more about this project, including how to decorate clipboards, from Persia Lou.

source: Art Bar Blog

4. Storage Shelves

If you’ve got an area with shelves that you can use for an art room, shelves are a great, functional way to utilize space and keep the area organized. I really like the pops of color used in this room, which mostly focus on blue and green. The larger table makes this area more suitable for older kids or would be a great place for moms to sit and work on art with their kiddos!

Check out all the details on this crafty room over at ArtBar Blog.

source: Laura’s Plans

5. Learning Labels

This is definitely an arts & crafts area that is well organized. The labels used on the supply holders make it easy for kids to put things back when they’re finished. It’s also great practice for children who are learning to read. The textured wood shelves and metal buckets tie in nice elements of texture and keep the area neutral, so it works for boys or girls. The small desk and chair, as well as the plastic easel, are just right for smaller children who haven’t quite mastered coloring inside the lines yet.

Stop by Laura’s Plans to get a close up of this toddler-approved art room.

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