5 DIY Paper Towel Holders

I don’t know about you, but for some reason I have the hardest time finding a paper towel holder I actually like that doesn’t cost a million dollars. Okay, not a million dollars, but upwards of $60-$100. For the whole 5 and a half years that my husband and I have been married I have never been able to find one that is not only functional, but beautiful aesthetically, too. I’m pretty picky when it comes to the look of items in my home, even if they’re just functional pieces that don’t normally have a great design look. As a result, I have searched for some DIY options that I can make myself that will still look awesome in our kitchen. I have found 5 really cool options for both modern and traditional designs and I can’t wait to share them with you.


Source: squirrellyminds.com

1. Suspended Copper Pipe

For those modern, streamlined lovers out there, this suspended copper pipe is the perfect option for you. Not only is it simple, and modern because of the material, but since it’s hanging from under the cabinets, it keeps the extra clutter up off of your countertops and makes the area look more simple and clean. With just a few piping materials from your local hardware store, you can make this awesome paper towel holder for your home.

If you like this DIY project, you’ll love all the ones you find over at Squirrelly Minds, as well as the great recipes.


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2. Hanging Wooden Beads

For those eclectic lovers out there, you’ll love this wood-bead paper towel holder. It’s definitely very different from anything you’ve ever seen before, but not too different that it looks weird or strange. It’ll fit in perfectly with an eclectic house. Plus, it’s really easy to make by threading some wooden beads onto a string. DIY projects don’t really get much easier than that. If you prefer a more flashy, fun look, you can also paint the beads to give them some color and life.

There are lots of other great DIY projects over at IDA Interior Lifestyle.


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3. Farmhouse Wooden Tote

If your design style is something that’s a little more traditional and rustic, you’re going to want to make this farmhouse wooden tote immediately to hold your paper towels. I love that this not only holds your paper towels, but serves as a storage piece as well. You can put serving spoons, spices, or anything else you might need a home for in your kitchen. I love when items have more than one function because it makes our lives so much easier and more organized.

If you’re looking for more farmhouse design and decor inspiration, check out Knick of Time.


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